2 trips
From January 10 to January 31, 2022
From February 08 to February 26, 2022

Day 1: Ushuaia - Passengers arrive in the afternoon. Presentation, safety briefing on board, dinner and explanation of everything
Day 2: Navigation - We set sail early from Ushuaia and cross the Beagle Channel
Day 3: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 4: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 5: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 6: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 7: Deception Island - Arrival on the island and visit to the whalers cove
Day 8: Navigation - Towards the bay of Melchior
Day 9: Melchior Bay
Day 10: Dorian Bay
Day 11: Puerto Locroy
Day 12: Paradise Bay
Day 13: Ronge Island
Day 14: Caleta Cierva and visit to the Argentinian base Primavera
Day 15: Trinidad Island
Day: 16: Carlini Base
Day 17: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 18: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 19: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 20: Navigation - The Drake Pass
Day 21: Arrival in Ushuaia. Farewell party.
Day 22: Ushuaia - Passengers departure.

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Exploring the white continent

The adventure of your life will begin, paradoxically, in the city of the end of the world Ushuaia. In a unique journey, we will take you to discover Antarctica where penguin colonies, icebergs, the most captivating landscapes in the world and the silence of the ice will take over you and you will not think of anything other than to be able to repeat with us to return to live this experience.

With the most experienced crew, all the security protocols in order and an expedition guide with many years of Antarctic experience behind him, we will set sail from Ushuaia to cross the Beagle Channel where we will say goodbye to the calm since, as a barrier natural, we will have to cross the fearsome Drake Pass for 3 or 4 days. Do not worry, although it seems more fearsome than it really is as soon as you enter the bay of Deception Island, in the South Shetland archipelago and see the fumaroles rise out of the water between ruins of old whaling stations that now delight of seals and penguins you will be scared immediately.

From there we will set sail again for the Antarctic peninsula to touch the continent and we will delight ourselves with the routes that the expedition guide will have prepared for us to be able to observe with respect the marine life of a place that, despite seeming hostile, is very fragile. Leopard seals, Adelie penguins, Arctic terns, humpback whales ... the number of animals that come to feed on the famous krill is innumerable.

We will spend 10 days exploring glaciers, navigating between icebergs, observing marine fauna and learning from our guide everything you may know about Antarctica, its wealth as the only protected continent and we will have the opportunity to visit scientific bases where they will open their doors to us. and we will be able to observe first-hand how polar scientists live in their bases.

Get ready to come back in love with the South Pole, with the stories that we will tell you about polar exploration, the courage of Shackleton and Amundsen, the noise emitted by the penguin colonies but, above all, prepare to fall in love with the ice and its colors, its sound and its own life.

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