This is Copérnico Doblón sailboat

An atypical sailboat, without the common limitations of sailboats in terms of space, water and electricity,
the Copernicus Doblon is very spacious and has many amenities and resources.
It has a sextant for the astronomical navigation sections
Nautical charts (sea maps) on paper, digital and directions (coast guides)
Satellite phone for emergencies and download weather report
Complete first-aid kit
Life raft for 12 people + panic boat

2 bathtubs on deck, very spacious common areas
Sails: traditional main (4 curls), genoa 1 and 3, wing, 2 spis and pole
2 refrigerators, 2 freezers, washing machine
1 generator, 1 wind generator
Heating and air conditioning
2000 liter water tank with the possibility of hot showers
1500 liter diesel tank plus 200 liter drum
For diving enthusiasts, it has 2 equipment and a compressor on board

How do you experience a trip aboard the Copernicus Doubloon?

As we live it, adventure, laughter and joy; away from technical navigation,
our style is to learn every day and enjoy every moment that is given to us,
take a look at the videos we publish almost daily to see the atmosphere on board
on our Facebook page or on our Instagram

Extra equipment:

Surf table
Scuba gear

Pedro Jimenez realiza viajes y travesías en velero por el mundo

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