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Joy Sailors!!

Yes, here we are, on the very Island of the States, it is the fourth time I come here … I am going to ask for the property titles, I think that nobody has come as many times in a row as I have in recent times or at least they should appoint Alegría Marineros ambassadors of this island …

We are sheltering from a very strong storm, to give you an idea, we have been anchored for two days, we have had gusts of up to 78 knots, the boat heeled and played with the regala in the water, this boat has a free board of 1. 40 meters… We are anchored in the bay of San Juan de Salvamento, we have pulled 175 meters of cable and chain and at the moment it holds, we are on guard anchored and at this moment we have gusts of 45 knots (about 80 km per hour)

As I knew that the bad weather would last 3 or 4 days, I decided to set sail for the Island of the States, an island that has me in love and I wanted to share with you and this new crew.

Today in the morning the wind loosened and we decided to visit the Lighthouse of the End of the World, we had a small picnic and enjoyed its views and amenities, it is a trekking of about 30 minutes, a little more if we are loaded, it was a very beautiful day … someone had a doubt, this lighthouse built in 1884 refers to Jules Verne, what do you think the chicken or the egg was before? hehe… First did Jules Verne imagine it and then the French built it? or it was the other way around, you will tell me what really happened, I particularly think that Julio imagined it and that the French in his honor made it come true … What do you think?

Illustrious crew members

I am especially happy on this trip, the crew although more numerous, is very active and collaborative, even with hard time and I have received the visit of Paula de Beyond the Seas, as many of you know, we sailed together a few years ago, two crossings of the Atlantic, she was the person for whom many of you know me and I am really grateful. There was a before and after since my participation in the CAP now Estella Oceanic, of which I was the first winner, of 2 boats… but winner, heh

She is like a discoverer of great nautical stars, such as Pedro de Alegría himself. Sailors, heh, heh, She has done interviews with Sailing the Globe, Yellow Boat, Aurara Canesa (God willing, we will see her in Antarctica, I hope recovered from a blow that was given in the shoulder), Djemila Tassin, Diego de Miguel (Greetings), etc.

Anyway, I can not ask more than to fulfill the dream that is for me, to share this expedition to Antarctica with such a special person for me …

In this expedition we have many figures of bullfighting… as the right-hander Lethal Crysis, Rafa Fernandez, Gador, specialists in underwater photography and sharks, we also have the invaluable company of Juan, Hernan, Pablo, Damian, Eduardo, Vanesa, Mar, Paula Caviccia, Ezequiel, a group of brave people who are enduring these intense gusts …


I’m going to tell you a little about how you live an anchorage with gusts of Expecting the weather to be favorableup to 75 knots (about 140 km) to see how I transmit it …

The wind lifts the water from the surface and everything is like a fog that hits you hard, whirlpools are made, due to the katabatic winds that are created in this anchorage, it arrives with great intensity from any direction making the boat swerve up to 25 degrees, while trying to take advantage of the wind, when it starts to blow hard and you think that’s it, He draws strength (I don’t know where) and doubles his power. The rigging whistles, you don’t hear the partner even if he is half a meter away, the force of nature is incredible.

This morning I was trying to get to the boat with the Chinchorro (the boat was anchored) and it cost me a lot to arrive with my 15 hp, this is wonderful, I am very happy for me and for the Crew to have made the decision to wait for the storm to subside, if God, Aeolus, The Catabatics want, we will sail tomorrow heading south towards Antarctica, with a bit of wiggling… but with great enthusiasm…

Joy Sailors!!
This is wonderful and being able to share it makes it so much better… Thank you for being there and if you think it’s worth it, share it …

Dreams can come true, you just have to believe it… Besides, we are telling you about it and you should come and live it… Don’t you think?

What will we do in the coming months?

As I told you, I am on the island of the states, on duty, it is 3 in the morning, tomorrow we sail to Antarctica there are 4 days of navigation, I hope they are not very hard, now I am enjoying the silence, the wind dropped to 15 knots, which is the same as calm … And it makes me think… Why do I do this, wouldn’t it be easier and more comfortable to be in the Caribbean or Polynesia? The truth is that I feel like warmth to spend hours in the water, get brown and laugh a lot, here I also laugh, but I do not know what this part of the world has that hooked me … The risk, the adventure and the passion I put into what I do.

Expecting the weather to be favorableExpecting the weather to be favorableExpecting the weather to be favorable

We talk about the future

It will cost me to separate myself from it, in April I will sail to Valdivia, we will sail again through the Fuegian channels, ifyou want to come, sign up are incredible … and then I will arrive at my beloved Valdivia, at Nautica Kunstmann

There will be the Copernicus, I will give him a review and we will head towards the island of Robinson Crusoe, we will visit the friends of Quintero and the Brotherhood of the coast, also the friends of the Horcón yacht club, great entrepreneurs. n

We will sail north to La Herradura, we will continue visiting friends, I want to visit English Bay if I can, I will continue further north, we will leave the Copernicus in some refuge and visit the Atacama Desert, I would very much like to enter Peru, nobody recommends entering with the boat …

If someone can guide me, it would be great, because Peru is a wonderful country and I would like to visit. If it is not possible, sail to Ecuador, in Guayaquil I will try to get the boat out of the water and we will try to visit the Galapagos, the Copernicus will sail through that area. We will sail to the Sea of Cortez and I will stay a season enjoying its climate and fauna, meanwhile, I will return by plane to Chile, Spain, maybe I will sail through the Red Sea and then we will return to Antarctica in El Doblón.

As I like to dream and do, it is wonderful, if you want to come you just have to write to me alegramarineros.com and we are going to dream together for a while, heh, heh What a lot of plans … How I like sailing, adventure, laughing and sharing… Let’s make this dream ours together!!

A hug to all, I hope to see you soon…


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