We have completed our first Pacific crossing!!

Joy Sailors!!

I am Pedro, an ocean navigator and he embarked you to sail with me…

I am writing from Nuku-Hiva!

An island of French Polynesia from the terrace of a Polynesian bungalow overlooking the bay where the schooner El Doblón is anchored.

In the bay of Tai Oahe very protected full of green and young mountains, in short what is expected of an island of Polynesia …

A navigation of more than 3000 miles to make this crossing of the Pacific, 21 days where we had to flee from a hurricane and 2 tropical storms (lucky) this is one of the longest journeys that can be made in the Pacific.

The crew

Together with 10 adventurers who gave everything good that they carry inside, we share experiences that over time will sediment and become unforgettable …

We were schooning, sailing the old-fashioned way, garruchando sails and using our seafaring expertise and imagination to find the best possible configuration and put this majestic schooner to sail and make this crossing of the Pacific

We had fishing, rain, breakdowns, fellowship and moments of loneliness.

Without a doubt an unforgettable experience, I have to thank these 10 adventurers for their contribution to realize, this our dream …

From the wisdom of my brothers of the Brotherhood of the coast. Hernán and Julio, the seafaring expertise of the Captain on this occasion, Nicolás Cobb, Gonzalo, Peter, Thais, Antonia, Jesus, Millaray and Javier to all of you I want to thank you, THANK YOU!

I want to honor you with an Orzaaa !!! And joy sailors!!

You will always be in the history of Alegría Marineros.

Many of you will continue sailing to Chile. We’re only halfway through this, our adventure. Gambier – Easter – Valdivia… 4500 more miles scoring, overcoming and living…


Joy Sailors!!

Let’s keep dreaming…

If you want, you can!!!
Come and live it!


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