Luggage for a Sailing Trip: How to Pack

One of the most important parts of a trip is packing well. As you can imagine, when the trip is by sailboat, the suitcase is different. In this article we are going to help you with the luggage for your sailing trips.

Here you will find some ideas that you will find interesting, either to entertain you for the trip or to enjoy sailing. If you’re going on a sailing trip, keep these tips in mind to enhance your travel experience.

Planning Before You Start

The first thing you have to do is plan well. When it comes to a trip aboard a sailboat, it is very important that the luggage is light and practical. In this case, we especially recommend that you wear clothes that can dry easily and that you take into account the time you will want to spend away from the sailboat or the destination you are going to.

Once you have a clear idea of your trip, for example by considering the itinerary, it will be much easier for you to pack your suitcase.

Documentation and Safety on the Sailboat

When it comes to traveling on a sailboat, you are going to go out to sea. When being in international waters, it is very important to have the necessary documentation. This documentation includes your passport, travel insurance, and a visa card to make money available.

Safety luggage such as life jackets or lifelines are usually found on the sailboat. However, it is important to find out first that all this safety material is on board to know whether or not you have to worry about it.

Clothing & Footwear for Sailing

As we have recommended before, the clothes you should take on a sailboat should be light and easy to dry. You can also consider wearing technical clothing, especially if you are going to be actively involved in sailing, as it is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy a sailboat.

These are not the only considerations, as it is also important that there is warm clothing in your suitcase, as nights on the high seas can be cool and also non-slip footwear. When it comes to moving around the deck, you will especially appreciate this type of footwear.

Nautical Equipment & Essential Accessories

When it comes to carrying out a trip aboard a sailboat, as you can imagine, you can’t forget about the nautical equipment. One of the elements that will help you enjoy the trip much more is a good pair of binoculars.

In addition to binoculars, it is also important to have waterproof flashlights, emergency lights and whistles and nautical tools to be able to make all kinds of repairs to the sailboat on the high seas. As with safety measures, all of these tools are usually on board the sailboat. It is very important to make sure that these are found so that they are not missing on any trip.

Toiletries and Health Items on Board

Throughout your sailing trip you must take care of your toilet, both out of respect for yourself and also out of respect for the rest of the passengers. Don’t forget aboutpersonal hygiene products such as soap, towels, deodorant or toothpaste.

To be more relaxed, it is also important to have a first aid kit. In this first aid kit you could include paracetamol, anti-inflammatories, alcohol or bandages, a whole series of items for small emergencies. Don’t forget any medications you need to take or sunscreen.

Provisions & Cooking at Sea

As far as the galley is concerned, try to bring food that is easy to prepare and store on board. Cans are a good idea, as are dry foods or non-perishables.

The sailboat probably has the necessary kitchen equipment, but if not, you will need some dishes besides knives and forks. Water is also important, so you can find out if the sailboat has any filtration system on board or you will have to carry enough bottles of water.

In-flight Entertainment & Communication

To be able to distract yourself in the most boring moments, we recommend you enjoy a good book or the classic hobbies. One of the advantages of traveling by sailboat is that you will spend a lot of time with more travelers, so you can also consider bringing a board game or a deck of cards to share with the rest of the travelers.

Smart Suitcase Organization

To organize all this intelligently in your suitcase, we recommend that you have waterproof bags. These bags will be perfect to protect your belongings from moisture and splashes that could occur on the sailboat.

In the same way, it is also a good idea to have travel tags with contact information in case of loss and also to be able to differentiate your belongings from those of the rest of the crew.

Environmental Responsibility and Maritime Safety

Remember that going on a sailing trip requires environmental responsibility and maritime safety standards. If you’re traveling for a week it’s possible to accumulate a lot of trash and, of course, you can’t throw it into the sea. You’ll want to make sure you have the necessary storage so you can dispose of the trash when you get ashore.

Beyond all this, it is important to know the maritime rules, as well as the rules of those places you go. Antarctica, for example, is protected by the Antarctic treaty, so you’ll need to know the rules that govern it in order to travel safely to the site.

Always prioritize safety at sea and maintain good communication with other passengers and crew. Always respect the weather conditions and follow all safety protocols on board. On board a sailboat you travel with many more people, so you must be responsible for your actions.


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