Today fighting and navigating between great waves and icebergs in Antarctica

Now we can say that we have sailed with hard weather in Antarctica!


The weather was going very well until last night (well here it is not night …) and we expected winds of 25 to 30 knots, we anchored south of Trinidad Island in front of a refuge in Argentina, willing to spend “night” but, heh, heh, it began to blow, the anchor to claw up to 3 times and we decided to stop insisting. We headed to the Primavera base, about 20 miles away, it kept blowing, the waves began to grow, icebergs began to appear, the ship was moving very slowly and after 6 hours of navigation and concentration dodging ice, we arrived at the entrance of the bay where Primavera is based, very happy indeed.
Soon we saw that we went ahead, just over 50 meters from the entrance, a lot of ice appeared and the scourge of the waves, we had to turn around, sail running, the dry stick storm with more than 45 knots dodging icebergs of all sizes.

We returned 30 miles to the east and seek refuge downwind of Trinidad Island, it has not been easy, the bottom is full of cachiyuyo (algae) and the anchor does not grab.

We have been sailing 15 hours with all our senses working, it has been hard, but I have spent it … DPM, I’m really happy writing now.

A great feeling

Now I will sleep with a smile, I will rest very well and calmly, the boat is in charge of Nicolas and that is always a guarantee …
I can’t pass the position because I’m in bed and my eyes close…

I am so happy!
Thank you for your comments, they have been sent to me to the satellite tlf…
How is the collection going for the thermometer? he,je

Today we can say that we have lived and told
It is really impressive to navigate between great waves and icebergs through these latitudes, living the force of nature of the most virgin area in the world, dodging icebergs …

I fall asleep…

What a dream I have in this dream…

Joy sailors


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