The majestic Patagonian Channels

Puerto Montt - Canales Aysen - Puerto Edén - Laguna de San Rafael - Valdivia
From September 25 to October 25, 2021

Day 1: Puerto Montt - Passengers arrive in the afternoon. Presentation, safety briefing on board, dinner and explanation of everything.
Day 2: Navigation - We set sail early from Puerto Montt and if the current accompanies and we arrive early at the end of the bay, perhaps we can anchor and enjoy the Isla Grande de Chiloé.
Day 3: Navigation - We cross the Corcovado Gulf and enter the Morales Canal
Day 4: Navigation - Canal Morales
From day 5 to day 15: Navigation and exploration through the Morales Channel and its islands.
Day 15: Arrival at Laguna de San Rafael
Day 16: Laguna de San Rafael National Park
Day 17: Navigation - Half a turn
Day 18 to day 29: Navigation and exploration through the fjords until reaching the Pacific, bordering the Tallao Peninsula and arriving in Valdivia. Farewell dinner.
Day 30: Valdivia - Passengers departure.

Crew closed for this voyage

You can join the crew in the rest of the trips

Port Montt - Valdivia

The Patagonian channels and the Pacific comeback

The Patagonian channels
Puerto Montt - Canales Aysen - Puerto Edén - Laguna de San Rafael - Valdivia
From September 25 to October 25, 2021

Discover Chilean Patagonia with us on a unique journey that will take you from magnificent Puerto Montt to southern Valdivia on a journey through canals and fjords that will leave you open-mouthed.
Leaving from the historic city of Puerto Montt and enjoying the beauty and fauna that exists along the Corcovado Gulf and the big island of Chiloé, we will circumvent small islands and beautiful channels until we reach the famous San Rafael lagoon where we will enjoy a few days of the national park of the Laguna de San Rafael among majestic glaciers.

We will retrace our steps a little and continue skirting fjords to go out to the open sea and reach Valdivia.
A unique trip in which we will recreate and show you the navigation routes of the Kawesqar people who already crossed these waters in canoes from about 6000 years ago until the 20th century when European man led them to extinction. We will also tell you and teach you the secrets of the glaciers, we will go on excursions to places where killer whales, all kinds of seabirds and seals will keep us company while we sail warm with a good cup of hot coffee in our hands and we are speechless between discovering the path marked by the currents of an ancient people.
An opportunity that you cannot miss!

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