Cabo San Lucas  - Valdivia


From June 25 to September 15, 2021

Day 1: Welcome in port - Passengers arrive in the afternoon. Presentation, safety briefing on board, dinner and explanation of everything.

Day 2: Navigation - We begin the high altitude navigation saying goodbye to the coast and heading towards the unknown.

Day 20: High altitude navigation - Estimated crossing of Ecuador, crossing party and welcome to the southern hemisphere.

Day 40: Offshore Navigation - Navigating the tropical zone and exploring potential uninhabited atolls and islands to explore near Polynesia.

Day 50: High-water navigation - We turn southeast towards Chile and little by little we will put on layers of clothing while we are all set to sea.

Day 81: Navigation - Entrance to the Valdivia River, farewell dinner.

Day 82: Arrival in Valdivia - Passenger departure.


Crew closed for this voyage

You can join the crew in the rest of the trips

The great Trans-Pacific

Double crossing of the Pacific

The great adventure of your life is about to begin. A unique opportunity to be able to completely disconnect from civilization and problems, to discover yourself, to make a journey of more than 6000 miles in which you will fall irretrievably in love with the sea and the winds if you are not already.

On June 25 we will say goodbye and we will raise anchor from Cabo San Lucas in Baja California (Mexico) to set sail for the tropics taking advantage of the northeast bearing winds until crossing the Equator and then turning southwest until we meet the southeast winds to progressively return to put on layers of clothing and finish our great transpacific adventure in the Chilean fjords by docking in the port of Valdivia. We will spend the heat crossing the intertropical convergence zone where we will throw the rod to try to fish and eat fresh fish and we will look for uninhabited atolls and islets where we can anchor and explore new places with maximum safety.

The great transpacific awaits us for approximately 80 days where we will teach astronomical and loxodromic navigation, we will become true sea wolves and we will enjoy true sailing. A true maritime adventure for those who really want to disconnect, live as a family, feel like they are guided by the sun and the stars and constantly surround themselves with dolphins.

Currently you can travel to Mexico without major problem, but as we cannot ensure which stops or anchors we will make during the crossings due to the Covid-19 restrictions that prevail in different countries and as safety is a priority for us, we will update where we can where we can anchor or what uninhabited areas we will explore depending on the situation of the area allows it ... A real adventure!

Remember that previous experience in navigation is not necessary but if you want to experience something unique, to work as a team, to want to learn to read stars and winds while marine life welcomes us to its world.

Our dream is your dream, do you dare?