Kayak challenge in the Antarctic Circle



Puerto Williams
Puerto Williams


  • It begins in Puerto Williams on March 1.

  • We will do a course / adaptation with kayaks

    • Safety Briefings
    • Initial assessment of the level with the crew’s kayaks
    • Previous kayak workshop in Puerto Williams
    • Ice sailing talks
    • Talks on environmental measures in Antarctica.
  • We set sail on day 6 towards Deception Island in Antarctica where we will kayak in Whalers Bay and try to visit the Spanish scientific base, Gabriel de Castilla.

  • We will go down the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula making some stops and activities.

  • We will try to do some ski touring activity in Antarctica, without a doubt an experience.

  • We will try to reach 66 to do an activity with kayaks, this is the star activity, kayaking in the Antarctic Circle.

  • We will set sail from the 66th parallel, meridian 66 towards the American continent arriving at Puerto Williams where this expedition ends.

Not included

Kayaking in the Antarctic Circle

We will do kayak or paddle surf and ski activities by the hand of Antonio de la Rosa who will guide us in these activities.

It will be defined on the date, it depends a lot on the weather.

Captains: Pedro Jimenez
Expedition Leader: Antonio de la Rosa

  • This expedition is cataloged medium, that means that it is suitable for almost all audiences, but it is necessary: to have good health, to have good physical condition, to have some experience in adventure trips, Kayak, Paddle surf, trekking, navigation or any activity that carries with it some capacity for resistance, balance and willpower.
  • Recommended from 18 to 75 years old.

If you want to travel with friends, ask us about discounts for groups
(from 4 people)

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Antonio de la Rosa

Restless from birth, at the age of 13 he is already a true expert in canoeing, swimming and rugby. At 23, he stands as Spanish Quadathlon Champion; which leads him to be, a few years later, a world reference in adventure raids, where he stands as Captain of the emblematic Red Bull raid team for 8 years, in which he achieves dozens of victories around the world.
We certainly could not have found a leader for this expedition with more experience in this type of activities.


Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez, with more than 170,000 miles sailed,

After working from Sunday to Sunday, from sunrise to sunset for the last 25 years, in 2019 I began a change of life: the sailboat became my home and my goal was to make trips and crossings sailing the world.

I know the Mediterranean and the Caribbean well, I have crossed the Atlantic seven times to discover Brazilian, Argentine and Uruguayan coasts. I have made 3 Antarctic crossings. I made double crossing of the Pacific arriving at the Marquesas and Bora Bora, ending the crossing in Valdivia, Chile. What will be the next destination? Where the wind takes me…

Polar navigation workshop

Sailor joy!

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