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Pto. Williams
Pto. Williams


It is a journey by and for sailors , the goal is to get involved to the maximum in everything related to polar navigation, not to feel like a passenger, but a whole team.

Previous experience in navigation is essential, this is an advanced level expedition, to be able to get the most out of the experience together with others passionate about the sea, navigation and adventure.

Objective: to make the most of the crossing in the Sea of Sickles (Drake Passage) and Antarctic polar navigation from the point of view of the navigator.

Approximate navigation: from 55º S to 65º S.

We will combine roles in navigation with learning in which we will see:

  • Navigation systems
  • Communication systems
  • Meteorology
  • In-depth knowledge of the boat (Preparation for polar navigation)
  • Navigation in remote areas (Physical and mental preparation)
  • Drake Passage – Antarctic Peninsula, know the navigation area thoroughly
  • Ice (ice navigation, origin and types, boundaries)
  • Travel planning and strategy
  • Precautions, problems and solutions
  • Hazards and safety on board (safety features)
  • Commercial, administrative and legal approach
  • History of discovery
  • Bibliography
Not included


Drake Passage: ~550 miles, approx. 4-5 days.

Antarctic Navigation: ~350 miles, approx. 7-10 days.

Drake Passage: ~550 miles, approx. 4-5 days.

* It may vary depending on the weather, state of the sailboat and crew, we will always look for the favorable and safe window to make the crossing.

An expedition sailing in Antarctica carries in addition to great satisfaction, the risk associated with any adventure.

We will navigate with our own means to one of the most remote places on the planet, 16 people, with limited resources but with the possibility of connection thanks to the satellite phone.

Captain: Pedro Jimenez
Expedition Leader: Paula Allende Los Mares

You can find the detail in point 3 of Payment, cancellation and refund policies.

It is also important to read the terms and conditions.

Having sailed before, it is not necessary to have much experience but you do want to gain a lot of experience (of life and navigation).

It is a journey in which you will participate in all roles on board, understanding, assimilating and forming part of a crew united with the aim of exploring Antarctica.

Several emails will be sent with documentation and practical information periodically to be able to acquire a base for the polar crossing.

We will hold at least one meeting by video call all the crew together 15 days before sailing.

If you want to travel with friends, ask us about discounts for groups
(from 4 people)

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Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez, with more than 170,000 miles sailed,

After working from Sunday to Sunday, from sunrise to sunset for the last 25 years, in 2019 I began a change of life: the sailboat became my home and my goal was to make trips and crossings sailing the world.

I know the Mediterranean and the Caribbean well, I have crossed the Atlantic seven times to discover Brazilian, Argentine and Uruguayan coasts. I have made 3 Antarctic crossings. I made double crossing of the Pacific arriving at the Marquesas and Bora Bora, ending the crossing in Valdivia, Chile. What will be the next destination? Where the wind takes me…


Paula Gonzalvo

With +40,000 miles sailed, Paula is PPER and YachtMaster Ocean of the RYA. Founder of the only precision competition, Stella Oceani. He shares in his blog Allende los Mares his journeys at sea in a didactic and adventurous way, showing the sea and the sailboat in his day to day, encouraging many who did not know this world to explore it, train and enjoy it. More than 100 students have already gone through their training on board.

Polar Navigation Workshop

If you are looking to live new experiences and you are passionate about the sea, surely you will not find any other like sailing in Antarctica. These sailings to Antarctica take place in the Antarctic summer. This allows you not only to enjoy sailing in a much safer way, but you can also find a more pleasant climate to carry out a greater number of activities.

Anyone can enjoy a polar navigation, however, if you have more knowledge or you are better prepared you can enjoy it much more.

Precisely to achieve this is this polar navigation workshop, a workshop where you can learn different aspects about navigation in Antarctica where you can learn a lot of concepts that you can will be important when you visit Antarctica. If you want to discover what this polar navigation workshop consists of, keep reading and you will discover a guide on how to enjoy much more in Antarctica.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you do not need any previous experience to enjoy this navigation workshop. However, it is advisable to have sailed in advance to have a little clearer the basics and, of course, have a lot of interest in sailing. With this polar navigation workshop in Antarctica you can make the most of your next journey in the Sea of Sickles (Drake Passage) enjoying from the point of view of the navigator, not the passenger.

You will learn everything that has to do with navigation and communication systems, meteorology concepts to know how to make the most of the weather. Of course, you will also learn to know the boat better and how to navigate remote areas with physical and emotional preparation.

You will learn about the different types of ice, to be able to better navigate between them. With regard to the orography, you will know better the Drake Passage in its navigation area so that it will later be easier for you to navigate. Likewise, you will also learn everything you need to carry out a trip in terms of preparation and safety. And you will know the history of the place to be able to enjoy it much better from another point of view. In this course you will find everything you need to enjoy sailing, have a greater knowledge of Antarctica and, of course, make the most of your journey through these parts.

The itinerary of this course takes place at the foot of the Drake Passage, which is about 550 miles, taking between 4 and 5 days to travel it. For its part, navigation in Antarctica, about 350 miles, will last longer, between 7 and 10 days. All this may vary depending on the weather, the condition of the sailboat and the crew. However, the most favorable window will always be sought to be able to make the most of the polar navigation workshop and, of course, to do it safely.

In this polar navigation workshop, in addition to having the knowledge offered by the workshop, you can also enjoy more services. You will have your own accommodation in a shared cabin and full board on board, so you can feel like in a hotel afloat in Antarctica. In addition to this, the boat will be equipped with everything you need to enjoy the polar navigation workshop in total safety, that is, have equipment such as life jacket, telephone assistance in case of emergency, as well as all kinds of insurance.

The only thing you should keep in mind when enjoying this polar navigation workshop is that the transport you need to the point of origin where the expedition begins is not included. Post-boarding transfers, as well as activities or meals that take place outside the sailboat or entry costs to the country will not be included.

This polar navigation workshop is recommended for all audiences, although it has a series of requirements. You need to have navigated before to be able to better understand all the concepts of the course, although it is not necessary to have experience.

It is a course where you will learn many basics, so it is not necessary to have too much experience since here you will learn everything you will need to navigate Antarctica. The only requirement is to be eager to learn how to navigate Antarctica and live an adventure aboard a sailboat. In this course you will be able to participate in all kinds of roles on board. In this way you can learn and assimilate much better how a united crew works, since it is one of the keys for a boat to reach a good port, in this case, explore Antarctica.

So that you are much more prepared and can enjoy the polar navigation workshop as you deserve, once you have made your reservation, you will receive several emails with all the documentation and information you need to acquire the bases of your polar crossing. In addition, 15 days before sailing, a group video call will be held with the entire crew to have a meeting together.

In short, with this polar navigation workshop you can learn and enjoy much more about Antarctica and also sailing boats. Thanks to this polar navigation workshop you will be able to navigate with greater safety through the polar waters, differentiating the bad conditions from the optimal ones, learning everything you need to know about the polar circle.

It is a different way to enjoy the adventure where knowledge is one of the most important parts. If you want to discover Antarctica in depth, the polar navigation workshop is one of those initiatives that you can not ignore and that will mark you in life.

Polar navigation workshop

Sailor joy!

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