The Chilean Fjords should be one of the 10 wonders of the world! They are the mixture of the most extreme forces of nature on the planet.

The mythical Beagle Channel, its northwest and southwest arms have it all in a few miles: Blue glaciers, twin glaciers, the impressive Garibaldi and its navigation through the fjord between ice.

We can visit more than 7 Fjords, weather permitting. We can walk close to them, we will feel the advance of the ice and its rumblings when breaking and falling into the water. The silence of these places without population allows you to enjoy the sounds of nature with a unique clarity.

We will sail between mountains full of life, we will see many waterfalls. Wherever we look, it will be incredible.

It is a navigation for all audiences. An ideal expedition to share with family and friends. Every day you rest anchored and the anchorages are quiet. We will be able to see whales, dolphins, birds … Take a good camera with you because you won’t miss seeing amazing postcards.

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  • Day 1. We will set sail from Ushuaia, heading to Puerto Williams to enter Chile and head towards the Beagle Channel in a westerly direction. We will anchor in Yendegaia Bay to spend the night there.
  • Day 2: We will sail through the northwest arm of the Beagle Channel, also known as Avenue of the Glaciers, and anchor in the beautiful bay of the east arm of the Pia Fjord.
  • Day 3. During the morning we will make an excursion to the Sinus and Kalv glaciers. In the afternoon, we will visit the Porter West and East Glacier. We will sail to Puerto Huemul on Darwin Island where we will anchor and spend the night.
  • Day 4: We will enjoy the day doing trekking and dinghy tours.
  • Day 5: We will set sail early to the fjord and Garibaldi Glacier to navigate between small ice and enjoy the impressive images that the glacier, the fauna and its humid forests will give us.
  • Day 6: We will visit the West Pia arm and its Guilcher West and East Guilcher glaciers.
  • Day 7: We will set sail from Pia Fjord, sailing east. We will spend the night in Caleta Olla.
  • Day 8: We will sail to Puerto Williams to make the departure from Chilean territory and then we will sail west to reach Ushuaia, where our expedition will end.

Captains: Lucas Hernandez

It is ideal to share with family and friends.

This expedition is cataloged within level 3, that means that it is suitable for almost all audiences. It is necessary: to have good health, to have good physical condition, to have some experience in adventure travel, trekking, navigation or any activity that carries with it some capacity for resistance and willpower.

Recommended from 18 to 75 years old

If you want to travel with friends, ask us about discounts for groups (from 4 people)

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Crossing in the Darwin Mountain Range – Snowdrifts

If you are an expedition lover and would like to discover a different place, you have an appointment with the Chilean fjords. Now it is much easier than ever to enjoy a journey through the Chilean fjords.

On this journey you will get to know first-hand the Chilean snowdrifts, one of the wonders of nature. On this expedition you will discover a place like no other, since the properties of the fjords make it an incomparable place. The journey begins on March 1 and will last 7 days, until March 8. This will take place on the sailboat El Doblón, a sailboat that has the necessary equipment to make the stay much more comfortable by allowing you to reach places unreachable for other boats.

To enjoy this excursion you do not need much experience in navigation. The only thing you should have is a good physical condition due to the character of the expedition and a lot of desire to want to enjoy and discover new things. If you have carried out other adventure expeditions, surely you have no problem with this one.

Take advantage now to book because the places to enjoy this sailing trip through Cordillera Darwin are limited. If you want to navigate its waters, meet the whales or sea lions, you can book now and take advantage of the 20% discount.

On this journey through the Darwin Mountain Range you will be able to see a few meters from you one of the most powerful forces of nature, the icebergs. You will travel through the mythical Beagle Channel getting lost in its arms, both north and south, leaving on each side all kinds of glaciers, highlighting the twin glaciers and the great Garibaldi glacier.

If time permits, hopefully for the time of year in which we will travel, we can carry out the visit of more than 7 snowdrifts. We will pass so close to them that you can experience the advance of the ice and the noise it makes when breaking. One of the things that most impresses on these trips is the tranquility that is breathed. Because these are places where human presence is not usual, the sounds of nature are perceived in a different way, so the silence of the places will allow you to clearly hear nature in its splendor. No matter where you look, wherever you take your eyes you will see ice around you, an unparalleled place with a unique clarity that invites you to discover every corner of the area.

You will sail between mountains full of life, where a lot of waterfalls run the cleanest water you can imagine. This expedition is made for all audiences and is perfect to enjoy with the family. However, remember that it is necessary to have good health and mobility to enjoy this excursion.

Rest in a place like this is a privileged rest. So that you can regain strength every day and continue enjoying these mountains and seas of ice, we will anchor every day in calm bottoms, so safety is more than guaranteed.

In addition to the desire to carry out the trip, we recommend that you bring with you a good camera, you will need it when we start watching whales, dolphins and, of course, all the flora and fauna of the place. You will not find a place like the Chilean snowdrifts.

The itinerary is calculated from the first day, although the possibility of seeing or reaching certain parts will depend to a large extent on the weather. On these excursions, safety prevails above all, so you can rest assured at all times.

The first day we set sail from Ushuaia and head to Puerto Williams and thus head to the Beagle Channel that will be where the adventure begins. The first anchorage will be in Yendegaia Bay where we will spend the night. The second day we will start sailing through the northeast arm of the Beagle, the well-known avenue of glaciers due to the large number of glaciers that you will begin to see. As you can see, from the beginning of the route the different views will be breathtaking. The anchorage of the second day will be in the bay of the east arm in the Pia Fjord.

On the third day, in the morning excursions to the Sinus and Kalv glaciers will take place. In the afternoon we will visit more glaciers, in this case, the Porter Glacier in its east and west part. We will sail to Puerto Huemul where we will anchor to rest.

For the fourth day the activities will be different, since it will be used to do trekking and dinghy tours to change waters. On the fifth day we will set sail very early to arrive at a good time at the Garibaldi Glacier, one of the most spectacular in the region. During this day we will sail between small ice and it will be one of the best days to enjoy the fauna and the humid forests of the place.

The sixth day is reserved to visit the West Pia arm and more glaciers, the west Guilcher and its eastern part, anchoring in Pia Fjord from where we will depart for the seventh day. During this day we will sail east until we spend the night in Caleta Olla.

On the last day of the route we will sail back to Puerto Williams where we will leave the Chilean Patagonia until we reach Ushuaia where the expedition will come to an end. Throughout this expedition you can do all kinds of different activities every day. Everything is prepared so that you can enjoy in a varied way every day, taking advantage of the waters of the region.

Nowhere else will you be able to find a landscape like this nor will you be able to do it in such an exciting way as in El Doblón. This tour is specially prepared to take advantage of all these views, so you can see the glaciers so closely that you can almost touch them. Do you dare to try?

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