We sail with good weather towards Antarctica

Joy Sailors!!

How I like to sail!

We sail towards Deception Island, we are 350 miles, the weather looks good, it is sunny, it is not cold, the crew is settling … They started dizzy and are already appearing little by little, tomorrow we will have a calm and everyone will recover.

We are all looking forward to reaching Antarctica and recreating our senses, but there was nothing worthwhile and that did not cost, so now it’s time to sail and enjoy this crossing …

Institutional backwardness

We are a little late, we had to wait two days to launch into the adventure, we have to let the fronts pass and sneak between them. We took the opportunity to visit Martillo Island and its penguin colony, we sailed quietly on the Beagle, we wanted to sail in the shelter of Navarino Island and the islands of the Hornos area but the Chileans did not they liked it and forced us to sail through the Argentine part, doing more than 30 miles of detour, what else will it give them…

That they control you and warn you that you are in their territorial waters, that they do not let us touch land but that they let us pass. We are no threat and less if we are controlled by the AIS For us navigator nomads that borders seem a bit of the past …

There was no problem, we obeyed, we changed course and the topic was over… But you feel a little annoyed, you’re just browsing…

A very favorable climate

The fact is that it makes a wonderful day, even to sunbathe and use cream, as I have told you we began to have high… They are getting used to it, the deep conversations have already begun, I really like that exchange of opinions between crew members of different nationalities and ages.

The water temperature is 4.5º, in the Beagle they were 7.5º, it is noticeable that we are going south. I’m very happy, finally rest really, doing 7-hour guards feels great, we make a good team Nicolas and I.

We are sailing with 3 sails, we had to lower the largest so that the Rudder was more compensated. The waves are starting to get more orderly and we are coming out of the influence of Hornos.

This is wonderful, sailing with sun, light wind and 2 pairs of albatrosses accompanying us, I can not imagine anything better … How lucky we are to be able to enjoy this…

I pass the position in case anyone wants to google a little

S 56.53.50
W 65.28.14
Heading 165
Speed 6.5 knots
Wind 15 fin knots

Tell you that here it is not almost night, today my guard started at 03h and it was already daytime …

Joy Sailors!!

How nice to have the opportunity to realize dreams and goals…
Don’t tell us… We are going to live it, that life is one and of one, the world is to see it and live it …

A hug to all, thanks forbeing there…


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