West Coast - Cabo San Lucas

From June 1 to June 15, 2021

Day 1: Welcome in port - Passengers arrive in the afternoon. Presentation, safety briefing on board, dinner and explanation of everything.

From 2 to 8: Sailing - Coastal sailing from Seattle along the West Coast.

From day 8 to day 14: Navigation - Coastal navigation with possible stops along Baja California to see whales or enjoy an uninhabited bay.

Day 14: Last day of sailing, anchoring in a beautiful bay and farewell party.

Day 15: Arrival in Cabo San Lucas. Passenger departure.

Crew closed for this voyage

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West Coast to Cabo San Lucas

Exploring the lost coast of the United States and Baja California

From the green and mountainous Seattle we will lift anchor in June and leave behind fjords and snowy mountains to go little by little towards the south until we leave the United States and cross from north to south all of Baja California where we will end up having a toast in the beautiful coastal town of Cabo San Lucas.

In a journey of approximately 2000 miles, the first week we will navigate the so-called Lost Coast or Costa Perdida, one of the wildest and most uninhabited areas in California. With such a rugged coastline, the highways pass inland, leaving an area of ​​great biodiversity and natural wealth practically virgin within the reach of a lucky few: sailors.

Although the North Pacific has a reputation for being fearsome, we will cross the area in June when the temperatures are much more pleasant and the prevailing northwest winds propel our sails towards San Francisco as we parallel a practically virgin coast that will remind us of the first voyages of the settlers who came to the state of California in search of gold and furs.

As we take off layers of clothing and the sun is increasingly hot, we will leave the waters of US sovereignty and enter Mexican waters where we will enjoy skirting the entire state of Baja California for another week until we reach its southernmost point: Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas, a town famous for its beaches and its hectic nightlife. The landscapes and marine life that we will be surrounded by (not in vain is one of the most spectacular areas to spot cetaceans) will delight everyone while we decide whether or not to anchor in an uninhabited and safe cove and sleep with the song of the whales as background music.