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An added value to our sailing trips to Antarctica is undoubtedly the Alegría Marineros team composed of experienced sailors and an expert Biologist specialized in Antarctica that will make your adventure rise to the next level

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Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez, with more than 150,000 miles sailed,

After working from Sunday to Sunday, from sunrise to sunset for the last 25 years, in 2019 I began a change of life: the sailboat became my home and my goal was to make trips and crossings sailing the world.

I know the Mediterranean and the Caribbean well, I have crossed the Atlantic seven times to discover Brazilian, Argentine and Uruguayan coasts. I have made 3 Antarctic crossings. I made double crossing of the Pacific arriving at the Marquesas and Bora Bora, ending the crossing in Valdivia, Chile. What will be the next destination? Where the wind takes me…

Antarctica is unique and one of the best preserved regions on the planet.

IAATO is a membership organization founded in 1991 to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private sector travel to Antarctica.

As operators of the IAATO, Expediciones Alegría Marineros makes trips and sailboat crossings to Antarctica and aligns with the ideology of the organization committing to comply with and enforce all conservation protocols of Antarctica as well as its fauna.
The whole team is very proud to carry out this task as well as to be Antarctic ambassadors and promote respect and care for the most virgin ecosystem on the planet.


If you would like to sail through a different place, you will not find a better place than Antarctica. Enjoying a sailing trip to Antarctica is a unique experience and, in addition, offers more possibilities than you can imagine.

Regardless of the journey you are going to take, here you make sure you have the best equipment for your trip. From expert crew members to a biologist on board to learn much better all the secrets of Antarctica. Discover unparalleled landscapes as soon as you arrive in port, from King George Island to the Ross Sea.

Antarctica has always fascinated humanity and, throughout history, a large number of expeditions have been carried out, such as the most famous aboard the Endurance. Now you have the possibility to make a similar trip, with all the advantages of going on a better boat like a sailboat. Any excursion includes everything you need to enjoy the Antarctic, from crew and captain to all the necessities covered to improve your comfort on board the sailboat.

It has never been so safe and simple to enjoy Antarctica, as on this occasion you have to do it in front of a sailboat to Antarctica. Safety is guaranteed. Ready to meet a penguin colony? This is just one of the things you can enjoy on an expedition to Antarctica.

The first crossing has as departure and arrival Ushuiaia. On this journey you can live 100% the mythical Drake Passage and is perfect for all those lovers of navigation. A journey of 17 days where you can discover this mythical step aboard the sailboat with all kinds of advantages.

The next crossing that you should take into account is Piloto Pardo. You are in time to book this crossing as it will start in early 2023. It will last 13 days and will be from January 3 to January 16. The departure will take place in P.Williams and the destination will be King George Island. It is an expedition classified as level 1, this means that it is one of the most affordable so you will not have problems enjoying it. Now, like the rest of the expeditions, it is important to have good health and physical condition to be able to safely enjoy the trip.

On this expedition you will sail 550 miles from Puerto Williams to the Antarctic Peninsula, trying to get as far as possible to the southwest along all the Arctic bays to King George. During this expedition you can enjoy penguin colonies, you will see whales, seals, orcas … all kinds of Antarctic birds and you will sail between huge icebergs.

It is a very good time to enjoy this expedition, since you will have 20 hours of light, so you can enjoy more time of the arctic landscape. In addition, the temperature will not be as low as you can imagine, since you will be in the middle of Arctic summer so temperatures will range between -4º and 8º Celsius. This journey will be aboard the sailboat to Antarctica El Doblón.

The next crossing that we invite you to know is the Gabriel de Castilla, which will take place on the sailboat El Doblón. This expedition begins in Punta Arenas where you will take a flight that will leave you on King George Island, where you will embark in El Doblón. It is a very special expedition, because if the conditions are good you can sail for the first time through the northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula, bordering the peninsula, trying to visit the base of Gabriel de Castilla where you will learn much more about its history.

On this expedition you can visit Deception Island and the old whaling factory. If time permits, you can take a bath in Antarctica, how can this be possible?, very simple, in its hot springs, so you can bring your swimsuit for this expedition.

The navigation will follow through whales, glaciers and icebergs, so you can hear the crunch of the ice. If the weather is good, it will also be about making a stop at the southernmost bar in the world where you can learn a lot of anecdotes. This expedition is also classified as level 1, so you will only need to have a good physical condition to be able to enjoy all these wonders of Antarctica. To be able to enjoy the Gabriel de Castilla excursion you can do it from January 16 to February 1, 2023, so it lasts 16 days.

Finally, the Fridtjof Nansen crossing. This crossing is still classified as level 1 and will be carried out aboard the sailboat El Doblón. This journey begins in Ushuaia and is a round trip navigation through the Beagle Channel, the Sea of Hoces/Drake Passage.

In this expedition you will reach Deception Island in 4 days sailing, where you can visit the abandoned whale factory and also tour the icy beaches of the island. You can bathe in its hot springs if the weather is good while you enjoy the Antarctic continent. During the navigation you will pass by icebergs and, in addition, you will discover glaciers and obtain all kinds of information about the different types of ice that exist. On this excursion you can also get on the auxiliary boats of the sailboat to Antarctica and see the whales, seals and birds of the place, so you will feel fully integrated into an unparalleled nature.

This excursion will take place from February 6 to 24, 2023, so it will last 18 days in which you can enjoy a large number of activities as long as the weather accompanies. Willing to get to know Antarctica?

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