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An added value to our sailing trips to Antarctica is undoubtedly the Alegría Marineros team composed of experienced sailors and an expert Biologist specialized in Antarctica that will make your adventure rise to the next level

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Fuegian channels

Due to the high demand and the spectacular of this stage, next season we will make 4 trips to the imposing and beautiful snowdrifts:

November 07 to 14, 2022
November 17 to 24, 2022
March 01 to 08, 2023
March 10 to 17, 2023

A sailing expedition to the Ventisqueros sailing from Ushuaia to Puerto Williams. We will begin to explore the ramifications of the Beagle Channel and the glaciers that are hidden in fjords only accessible to the lucky eyes of navigators such as the Garibaldi glacier. The famous fuegian channels or snowdrifts will really take us to the end of the world while we explore fjords that per inhabitant only has the frozen giants that guard its coasts: The glaciers. Those frozen tongues of ice that will speak to us through their crunches and show us not only that they are alive, but that they want to remain so despite being less and less.

In these latitudes Magellan and his crew found just over 500 years ago the passage to the Pacific Ocean but the Patagonian people inhabited it for a long time. The evolution of human history owes to the "end of the world" much more than it may seem at first glance.
It will be a daytime navigation with safe anchorages every night where we will enjoy the Patagonian nights, the silence broken by the crunch of part of a glacier falling into the water or some orca blowing near us.
The sailing expedition to the Ventisqueros will change your life forever.
Hurry up before the seats fly!


Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez, with more than 150,000 miles sailed,

After working from Sunday to Sunday, from sunrise to sunset for the last 25 years, in 2019 I began a change of life: the sailboat became my home and my goal was to make trips and crossings sailing the world.

I know the Mediterranean and the Caribbean well, I have crossed the Atlantic seven times to discover Brazilian, Argentine and Uruguayan coasts. I have made 3 Antarctic crossings. I made double crossing of the Pacific arriving at the Marquesas and Bora Bora, ending the crossing in Valdivia, Chile. What will be the next destination? Where the wind takes me…

Antarctica is unique and one of the best preserved regions on the planet.

IAATO is a membership organization founded in 1991 to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private sector travel to Antarctica.

As operators of the IAATO, Expediciones Alegría Marineros makes trips and sailboat crossings to Antarctica and aligns with the ideology of the organization committing to comply with and enforce all conservation protocols of Antarctica as well as its fauna.
The whole team is very proud to carry out this task as well as to be Antarctic ambassadors and promote respect and care for the most virgin ecosystem on the planet.

Sailing expedition to the Chilean Fjords

If you’re looking for a life-changing trip, there’s no better trip you can take on the planet than a sailing expedition to the Chilean fjords. An expedition aboard a sailboat through the Chilean fjords and glaciers is something that cannot be compared to anything, so you can enjoy a few unique days in an unparalleled environment.

Touring the fjords has never been easier than until now thanks to a sailboat. In addition, if you take advantage of the offer now, you can enjoy 20% if you book with your family or friends. It is one of the most spectacular excursions that can be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. Being on board a sailboat with full board, in a place as privileged as the Chilean fjords, is something that does not usually occur in life.

The next trips that will be available are from March 1 to 8, 2023 and from March 15 to 27, two pretty good dates to sail and enjoy these special places in a tour of the most intense.

This excursion through Patagonia takes place on the sailboat El Doblón. It is a sailboat that is designed to make a lot of kilometers sailing and, in addition, to improve the comfort of passengers, so you will feel comfortable on board this boat. This sailboat has a large stowage capacity, so it is designed to make oceanic navigations in complicated places on the planet where other boats have more complicated access. In addition, the Doubloon has all the insurance and permits to navigate, is equipped with laundry, living room, 4 bathrooms, kitchen and cabins so you do not miss anything on board.

Let’s see the route of each of the excursions so you can find the one you like the most and thus decide how you want to enjoy these frozen islands on board the boat.

The first excursion starts on March 1, 2023 and lasts until March 8, so it lasts 7 days, starting and ending from Ushuaia. On this excursion you can navigate the Beagle Channel and anchor in the bay of the east arm of the Pia Fjord. On this tour you will make an excursion to the Sinus and Kalv glaciers, in addition to the Porter glaciers. You will sail to Puerto Huemul on Darwin Island and you can do trekking and dinghy tours.

Another of the glaciers that you will visit throughout the days will be the Garibaldi, where you can navigate among its ice. This will be the excursion of the glaciers, since you will also visit the Guilcher Glacier on its east and west slopes. The last night will take place in Caleta Olla, until leaving again on the return of the expedition where it will end. The Strait of Magellan tour begins on March 15, 2023 and lasts until March 27. It is an excursion that lasts 12 days, setting sail in Ushuaia and arriving in P.Arenas.

On this excursion you can enjoy more than 7 fjords, as long as the weather allows it. You can pass near the fjords feeling how the ice advances and hear the roar when it breaks and falls into the water. This excursion is for all audiences and you can enjoy privileged views of nature, as well as know the marine fauna watching whales. You will depart from Ushuaia and head to Puerto Williams to enter Chile and head to the Beagle Channel, anchoring in Yendegaia Bay where you will spend the night.

The following days will sail along the Beagle Channel, anchoring in the bay of the east arm of the Pia Fjord. In this fjord you can enjoy the Guilcher glaciers, both east and west, to continue later sailing between small blocks of ice to enjoy some of the most exciting landscapes of the route. Days later you will reach the Sinus, Kalv and Porter glaciers. You will also arrive at Darwing Island where you will anchor for another night. On this excursion you can do trkkings sup and dinghy journeys, a somewhat quieter day to rest and get to know the region in depth.

Finally, on this excursion you will also sail through the Cockburn Channel, the Magdalena Channel and visit the Parry Fjord where you can enjoy the seals. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Luis de Saboya glacier with boats while in the distance you enjoy the views of sea lion colonies.

These expeditions are perfect for family and friends, so you can enjoy these idyllic passages with whoever you want. A sailboat is the best boat to carry out these routes and enjoy them as they deserve, in addition, having the best crew allows you to enjoy a much safer and more experienced navigation.

When it comes to a fjord tour, it’s not just glaciers that need to be considered. Being able to enjoy the fauna of the place, wonders such as sea lions or whales is something that can only be done in these places. All under a landscape of the most idyllic where the footprint of man has not arrived.

Unique experiences such as listening to the crunch of the ice or having more than 20 hours of sun. It is a gift for the eyes that you now have the possibility to discover at the best time of the year. If you want to know one of the most special parts of the planet, one that has an unparalleled atmosphere, now you have the opportunity to do it aboard a sailboat.

Dare to discover the glaciers and enjoy a memory that remains in the memory forever. You won’t be able to find an excursion like it anywhere else in the world. Are you ready for adventure?

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