Sailing trips square by square


Sailboat square by square

One of the most popular ways to travel on a sailboat is the square-to-square way. If you do not know this type of trip, do not worry, in this article we are going to show you everything you need to know to enjoy a large number of sailing trips.

You probably associate a holiday at sea with trips on large ships, but, believe us, a trip on a sailing sailboat is a most rewarding experience. For starters, it is a much more exclusive trip, since it has many fewer people on board.

With this, a better experience is achieved, since it becomes a much more personal experience where it is much easier to deal with the crew or the rest of the occupants.

Traveling on a sailboat is much easier, since you will not have to travel to any specific location where a large boat could leave. In this case, if you want to carry out a sailing trip square by square with skipper to Antarctica it will be much easier from the start.

Sailboat square by square with skipper to Antarctica

Thanks to the advantages of having a sailboat square by square you can travel with a skipper to Antarctica. The rental of these sailboats is a very economical option, much more when it is shared thanks to the travel format from place to square.

You can rent sailboat trips for a week with skipper so that he is responsible for sailing to Antarctica. When traveling by sailboat, it is not only about reaching the final destination, but about enjoying the journey itself.

When you take a sailing trip to Antarctica you will be passing through some of the most famous sea routes. You will know inhospitable islands and you will be able to enjoy a flora and fauna of the most particular, impossible to find in another part of the world.

Carrying out a sailing trip square by square with skipper to Antarctica is the easiest way, not only to enjoy the sea, but to be able to reach certain places where a larger ship would not dare to enter.

What is a plaza to plaza sailing trip

Carrying out a sailing trip square to square is a relatively new modality. This type of trip allows you, as its name suggests, to carry out the rental of a place on board the sailboat.

Although this may seem like something normal and ordinary that has been done for many years, when it comes to a sailboat it is the perfect opportunity for a sailboat to set sail with a series of people without you having to gather a group of friends to travel with you. If the sailboat has capacity for 12 people, you can go alone and share the travel experience with the other 11 remaining people.

Square-to-square sailing trips feature boat skippers and established routes through which the trip takes place. In this way, people who share a common interest, for example, carrying out a trip to Antarctica, will be able to make the trip without any problem.

During a trip square to square passengers are responsible for the boat itself with the skipper of the same. This means that among the passengers they will take turns to carry out cleaning tasks , cooking, surveillance … That is, everyone will have their own responsibilities inside the sailboat to enjoy the trip much more.

Of course, you don’t have to be a complete professional of anything at all. In a sailboat square by square you will always have something to do and to contribute, the only thing you should have is the desire to participate with the rest of the companions since the skipper will take care of the route and everything else.

Advantages of sailing trips square by square

This format of sailing trips square to square has many advantages. For starters, as we’ve noted above, it allows you to travel alone. This makes it easier and completely eliminates the need to gather more people so that they can take the trip with you aboard a sailboat. You can travel perfectly alone on a sailboat square by square and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Square-to-square sailing trips are much cheaper than renting a sailboat on your own. When it comes to sharing expenses with the rest of the crew, obviously the trip is much more affordable in economic terms.

Being much cheaper allows you to carry out certain trips that would otherwise be unthinkable. Taking a trip to Antarctica can be much cheaper than you are thinking compared to a traditional vacation.

The sailboats square by square represent a unique opportunity to carry out exceptional routes. The route to Antarctica is just one of the many possibilities you have with this type of trip.

Due to the format of traveling square to square you have the opportunity to meet people who share your same interests and hobbies. You will be able to meet new people, from anywhere in the world. This possibility will allow you to make new friends with whom, in the long run, you can make more trips together if you are interested.

Finally, a sailing trip square to square is a much more complete experience than a normal trip. By sharing part of the responsibilities of a sailboat you will be able to know better the aspects of it, its operation and feel more active part of the trip.

In short, being part of a sailboat square by square is an unparalleled experience to another trip. If you want to discover places like Antarctica in a completely different way, this square-by-square option is one of the best.


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