Pedro left everything behind him

And embarked on a journey around
the world that will last 15 years

The project arises from the desire to share my love for the Sea, life and admiration for the times when men were makers of their own legends ...
It's time to live your dreams, join us!

Sailing Adventures and Expeditions


Copérnico Doblón

Aluminum sailboat 68 ft

El Doblón

88 ft naval steel schooner

Asociación Internacional de Operadores Turísticos de la Antártida

Antarctica is unique and one of the best preserved regions on the planet.

IAATO is a membership organization founded in 1991 to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private sector travel to Antarctica.

As provisional operators of IAATO, Expediciones Alegría Marineros aligns with the ideology of the organization, committing to comply with and enforce all the conservation protocols of Antarctica as well as its fauna.
The entire team is very proud to carry out this task as well as to be Antarctic ambassadors and promote respect and care for the most virgin ecosystem on the planet.


pedro cv

Pedro Jimenez

Alma mater of the project

Pedro Jimenez, with more than 100,000 miles sailed, I start in January 2019 a change of life, the sailboat becomes my home, my goal: to navigate the world
Humble origin, I stopped studying very soon. My priority: get out of the hole
I have worked from Sunday to Sunday for the last 25 years, starting and running various businesses. Which now allows me to fulfill my dream.
I know the Mediterranean and the Caribbean well, I have crossed the Atlantic 7 times to discover Brazilian and Argentine coasts, Antarctica and wherever the wind takes me.
leo soibelzon

Dr. Leopoldo Soibelzon

Expedition guide and expert biologist
Argentine, 52 years old. Biologist. Bachelor of Biology, Doctor of Natural Sciences. Principal Investigator of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET). Adjunct Professor at the National University of La Plata. Vast experience in field work in Antarctica where he has participated in research projects on Weddell and Crabeater seals and Emperor penguins. IAATO Expedition Leader. Sailing and Motor Yacht Skipper.
nicholas cobb

Nicholas Cobb

Captain of El Doblón
20,000 miles sailed Two Pacific Ocean Crossings More than 10 years sailing and repairing boats High-altitude captain, electronic engineer, shipbuilder, repair wizard with various Pacific crossings. Nicol√°s Cobb is a guarantee on any expedition.

What says who has sailed with us in our Sailing Adventures and Expeditions?

Javier del Ca√Īo

Javier del Ca√Īo D√≠az


My first navigation with Pedro was to cross the Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to Brazil and later, to make the journey from Ushuaia to Valparaíso through the Fuegian channels ... and to live the time with more uncertainty of the embarked pandemic.

For me, the Copernico-Doblon is Pedro Jimenez, a great guy and a great friend, always cheerful, giving the whole crew a good vibe even though the moment is not the best.

Anyway, he tries by all means that those bad moments, are the least, as he always says "Here you do not come to suffer"

A guy with some resources to solve problems on the ship, which at least continues to surprise me

I will continue to go regularly to see him and sail with him whenever I can!

Joy Sailors!

Marcelo Rizzo

Marcelo Daniel Rizzo


One is marinated and begins to enjoy. With a triumphal entry into the Guanabar√° bay. All this is what I came to look for, to add experience and make a longer journey than usual. Many thanks to the Copernico Doblon, a Boat in which I felt very comfortable and safe. Thank you very much Pedro, a Great Captain, very knowledgeable about the art of sailing and his ship and a host like I rarely knew, opening his house to us and making it feel like our own.
Thank you and we will see you soon on other voyages.

Guillermo Nin

Guillermo Nin


I shared the journey from Salvador de Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, in March-April 2019 with Pedro and four other Argentines, great group, we had a great time, today friends despite the distance.
Pedro besides being a great captain, is a wonderful host. A cute madman, very lovable.
That trip was a before and after for me.
I returned to Buenos Aires and decided to make a change that had been maturing ... I began to delegate my work to have more time for myself and to prepare for my future ...
A few months ago we bought a boat in Italy with friends ...
we are going to sail the Mediterranean this year ... crossing the Atlantic by the end of the year ...
January 2022 from the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Marquesas, Polynesia, Fiji, Tonga, Australia ...
Be careful if you sail with Pedro ... he is contagious ...


Higinio Guerra


In a few words I cannot tell you the incredible adventure that happened crossing the Atlantic from West to East
We set sail from Havana with a tropical storm over our stern that made us fly and travel 245 miles in 24 hours, imagine my first day of sailing on the Copernico Doblon yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah
34 days of navigation with four stages
Havana - Bermuda island
Bermuda - Flores island (Azores)
Flores Island - Faial Island (Azores)
Faial Island - Vigo City
What a good time we had, how much I learned and how I value having a person like Pedro de Capitan and master of ceremonies
Great navigator, he knows his boat like the palm of his hand, fun, positive, humble and generous, I have no words to tell you how lucky it was to sail with him
The Copernico ........ robust and fast boat at the same time, docile and powerful, comfortable, navigator without rest and welcoming in all its forms


Pilar Beatriz Gutierrez


I participated in the crossing of the Atlantic 2019, of the wonderful Copernicus Doblon. A dream come true with an unbeatable crew. An experience full of great memories and many learnings, which I would undoubtedly repeat again. Very fortunate to be part of the great project of the Copernicus Doblon. Much joy to everyone!

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