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Our expeditions are designed for adventurous people who want to live unforgettable experiences. The important thing is to be willing to live and share them. No degree of experience is required. Yes, it is important to have a good state of health to feel safe on the boat sailing the seas of the south of the world. It is not necessary that you know how to sail although, if you are interested in learning, we will be available to teach you everything related to anchoring maneuvers and sailing.

Yes! Every season we will assign an expedition to carry out a workshop.

Our expeditions are made between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean from 52°S to 65° S.

The landing points in Antarctica will be defined more about the date because it depends a lot on the weather and the general conditions of the ship and crew.

  • Navigation according to itinerary
  • Captain and fixed crew
  • Mooring in port
  • Diesel
  • Accommodation in shared cabin, with shared bathroom
  • Full board on board
  • Landings
  • Management of permits necessary to carry out visits and disembarkations
  • Travel administrative costs
  • Automatic life jacket with lifeline.
  • Emergency telephone assistance (24h)
  • Moorings
  • Transportation/Flights from the point of origin to the point of departure of the expedition.
  • Accommodation and transfers before / after boarding.
  • Activities and crossings, on land, pre/after boarding.
  • Activities and meals outside the sailboat.
  • Personal equipment.
  • Laundry facilities.

You can find them in the following link.

Prices / payments

By bank transfer as follows: 50% reservation and 50% remaining to coordinate according to the date of departure.

They may vary depending on the country of origin. Consults.

In case you need medical assistance we have an air rescue service that can assist us. For this we recommend

that each of our passengers has travel insurance that covers an emergency medical transfer

(details can be found under "INSURANCE" in our "Terms and Conditions" document).

Some insurances that we know offer this type of coverage are: Trawickinternational / Assistcard / IMG Global / AIG / Travel Safe Insurance. You will have to check which is the best option available according to your place of residence.


If the departure / arrival is Ushuaia and you come from another country you can take a flight that is destined for Buenos Aires (Ezeiza Airport or Aeroparque) and from there another flight to Ushuaia (or vice versa). We recommend you not to change airports in Buenos Aires (because they are relatively far from each other). The most convenient thing is that the airport of arrival from another country and departure to Ushuaia is always the same.

If the departure / arrival is Punta Arenas, Chile you can take a flight to Santiago, Chile and another to Punta Arenas (or vice versa).

If the departure / arrival is Puerto Williams you can take a flight to Santiago (Chile) another to Punta Arenas and another to Puerto Williams (or vice versa).

We recommend that you leave a minimum margin of 2 days before and 2 days after the expedition, in case of any unforeseen event and / or weather change.

When the ship is in port, maintenance and cleaning tasks are carried out. To be able to work neatly and provide a good service, it is best not to have passengers on board. The crew those days work very hard and prefer to wait for them with the boat clean and nice! That's why we recommend hiring accommodation for those days off the boat.

It is important that you look at the requirements that Chile / Argentina ask to enter the country since they vary according to the place of origin. After the pandemic we have learned that procedures can be modified from one moment to another. We suggest that you are updated so that you do not miss anything and if you have any questions, consult us.

In general, the ports of embarkation will be Ushuaia and/or Puerto Williams. In Ushuaia there are two clubs in which we can embark depending on the needs of the moment. In Puerto Williams the meeting point will be the Micalvi Yacht Club.

We meet directly on the day of departure at the pier that we indicate.

Yes, it will be organized two weeks prior to departure and also a whatsapp group for all members of the expedition so we finalize details and solve any doubts that arise.

Baggage / equipment

We leave you this guide with suggestions to pack your suitcase.

Remember to bring a suitcase or bag that is flexible and we can store on the boat.

The important thing is to have replacement of the first skin / thermal clothing. We recommend that you evaluate how often you think you will change it.

Then bring: 1 waterproof and warm jacket, 1 trousers or bib, 1 light footwear for inside the boat, 1 urban footwear (to walk on the street the days before and after) 1 waterproof footwear to disembark.

No, we do not use the washing machine while sailing. That is why we recommend you bring the necessary amount of clothing according to the days of your expedition.

Between 0° and 8° is fine. It is for use inside the boat.

Of course it is an excellent idea to bring camera! We must capture the precious images that we will see and live.

It is important that you bring what you usually take (very important!) and then, some medication for dizziness.

Boat / Life on board

Yes, the cabins are for 2 people.

El Doblón has 4 bathrooms

Food and drinks are included in the price. We have hired a catering that prepares our entire frozen and vacuum menu. On board we only have to defrost it and eat! We have regular dishes (with meat and gluten) and special dishes (vegetarian and gluten-free). We have three meals a day: breakfast from 7 to 9; lunch from 12:30 to 14:30; Dinner from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. All schedules are flexible and may vary depending on sailing conditions. The dishes are very filling and were designed with good nutrition in mind without excess fat. Then we have Argentine and Chilean wine, beers, rum, whiskey, gin, juices and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only when the captain so decides.

After the meal there is always chocolate or something sweet to share. We have coffee ready all day and tea available for whenever you want. Plenty of fruits on hand and filtered water so you don't forget to hydrate. The idea is that they feel at home and with the confidence to serve themselves what they want when they want. If you have any intolerance / allergy we ask you to let us know to take it into account.

We have 110v (USA) and 220v (Chile)

If you need a personal email to communicate during the expedition, write to us and we will send you all the information. It is a service provided by Iridium Go and has an additional cost.

Do you have more questions?

You can write to us at [email protected]
Or directly by WhatsApp +34 722 727 738

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