The Chilean Fjords should be one of the 10 wonders of the world! They are the mixture of the most extreme forces of nature on the planet.

The mythical Beagle Channel, its northwest and southwest arms have it all in a few miles: Blue glaciers, twin glaciers, the impressive Garibaldi and its navigation through the fjord between ice.

We can visit more than 7 Fjords, weather permitting. We can walk close to them, we will feel the advance of the ice and its rumblings when breaking and falling into the water. The silence of these places without population allows you to enjoy the sounds of nature with a unique clarity.

We will sail between mountains full of life, we will see many waterfalls. Wherever we look, it will be incredible.

It is a navigation for all audiences. An ideal expedition to share with family and friends. Every day you rest anchored and the anchorages are quiet. We will be able to see whales, dolphins, birds … Take a good camera with you because you won’t miss seeing amazing postcards.

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  • Day 1. We will sail from Ushuaia towards Puerto Williams to enter Chile and head towards the Beagle Channel in a westerly direction. We will anchor in Caleta Olla to spend the night there.
  • Day 2: We will sail through the northwest arm of the Beagle Channel and anchor in the beautiful Bay of the east arm of the Pia Fjord.
  • Day 3. We will visit the west arm of the Pia Fjord and disembark on its beaches to enjoy walking among ice.
  • Day 4: We will set sail early to the Garibaldi Fjord and Glacier to navigate between small ice and enjoy the impressive images that the glacier, the fauna and its humid forests will give us. We will sail to Puerto Huemul, on Darwin Island, where we will anchor and spend the night.
  • Day 5: We will sail to Cook Bay where we will look out over the Pacific and, if the weather accompanies us, we will enjoy the day making edges and sailing inside the bay. We will test the different sail configurations that our schooner has. Day of pure sailing and teamwork! We will anchor in the Coloane Estuary to stop the night there.
  • Day 7: We will sail to Puerto Williams to make the departure from Chilean territory and then we will sail west to reach Ushuaia, where our expedition will end.

Captains: Lucas Hernandez

It is ideal to share with family and friends.

This expedition is cataloged within the easy level, that means that it is suitable for almost all audiences. It is necessary: to have good health, to have good physical condition, to have some experience in adventure travel, trekking, navigation or any activity that carries with it some capacity for resistance and willpower.

Recommended from 18 to 75 years old

If you want to travel with friends, ask us about discounts for groups (from 4 people)

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Cook Bay – Snowdrifts

If you are thinking of carrying out a different trip, from here we propose a trip to the islands. However, we are not talking about any islands, we are talking about some that are in the southern region, next to Chile … our trip is to Cook Bay, to the snowdrifts found in the Chilean fjords.

This region is one of the most beautiful and unknown on the planet due to its characteristics. However, now you have the perfect group to carry it out, since you can enjoy with us a sailing trip to Cook Bay along the Chilean archipelago.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is a journey through the islands that you can enjoy with any type of person. Without age restrictions or any prerequisites, you can enjoy with your group whether families or friends.

The safety of the excursion is more than guaranteed, here you will not have the need to carry any map with you, since the crew of the sailboat will be your own guide and map at the same time. You have before you the possibility of knowing an unparalleled geography, a landscape impossible to enjoy in the conventional north since it is only found in this region of the world. In the western part of these islands you can find some of the greatest forces of nature such as the Chilean fjords, a spectacle that is much better admired in person. If you decide to carry out this excursion with your group in this region of Chile, you will be able to sail over 7 days through these wonders of nature and know unimaginable points of interest.

We are talking about a land in which man has hardly set foot. The silence of these places is extreme, so it is a perfect opportunity to separate all the noise and stress of the world to enjoy these icy wonders of nature that will make your hair stand on end.

This Cook Bay tour has a Level 3 grade. This indicates that anyone can enjoy the excursion, however, it is important to be in good health. We are talking about a place where the temperature can be quite low, although you always sail in the best conditions and the boats are of quality to make the journey much more pleasant.

If you want to enjoy this land, desolate for centuries, here we show you the best way to know everything that has to do with Cook Bay.

This sailing trip through the islands has its beginning in Chile. The first thing we will do is set sail from Ushuaia to Puerto Williams to enter on the side of Chile and, from there, head towards the Beagle Channel. During the first day we will carry out an anchorage in the Caleta Olla where you will spend the night. With regard to all these anchorages, we always look for the quietest and safest places where you can spend a better night and thus face the next day of crossing with energy.

Day two of the voyage will take place along the northwest arm of the Beagle Channel and anchor in the bay that is located on the east arm of the Pia Fjord. During the third day the visit will consist of the Pia Fjord, where you can walk through its plates as if they were authentic northern beaches when walking among the ice.

On the fourth day you will set sail for the Garibaldi Glacier, one of the most interesting glaciers you can find on this Chilean excursion. The glacier is located in a privileged environment, as if it were a national park, so you can enjoy a landscape with an unparalleled land, snowy peaks and a flora and fauna of the most particular. On this day you will anchor in Darwin Island which will be where you spend the night.

On the fifth day you will set sail for Cook Bay, another of the most interesting places you will discover on this expedition through the archipelago. If you are lucky and the weather is good, you can spend time along the coasts, sailing into the bay making the most of the sailboat to enjoy the action much more.

On day seven the visit will be to Estero Fouque overnight in Caleta del Bosque, another relaxed place to rest at this end of the excursion. Finally, on day 8 will take place the departure to Puerto Williams where the departure from Chilean territory will take place until reaching Ushuaia where the excursion will end.

If you are not entirely convinced of all the good things about having an excursion of this style, maybe with these lines we will end up encouraging you. As the sailor looking for the lighthouse at sea, this Cook Bay excursion is the perfect way to break the monotony and go on a completely different adventure.

Many people have classified these excursions as the excursions of the century, since the modern navigation techniques available today and the quality of the boats allow to carry out an excursion of this magnitude with the greatest comfort.

What you will be able to see on your trip to Cook Bay you will not find anywhere else on earth. The views of this region, the feeling, the ice wherever you look… Without a doubt, it is a unique experience that is worth knowing. Thanks to the advantages of traveling on a sailboat of these comforts, carrying out an excursion through the Chilean archipelago is much easier.

If you want to enjoy a different trip and live an unforgettable adventure at this end of the world, do not hesitate, Cook Bay has everything you are looking for.

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