A wonderful day in Deception Island, Antarctica!

Joy sailors!!

What a wonderful day we had yesterday!! It was spectacular, the arrival at Deception Island, the walk through the old whaling factory and being able to read and listen to its history, walk among some whale bones, climb a mountain until you could see the Brandfield Strait full of icebergs, bathe in hot springs, it was fun and it was not so cold.

We crossed with some Spanish military from the Gabriel de Castilla base, this year you can not visit the bases, seeing compatriots at such a distance from my beloved Spain always excites me, I took the opportunity to raise the Spanish flag that the sailors of the Juan Sebastian El Cano gave me.

We made a barbecue on deck and I seasoned it with my famous potato omelette (my Mother’s recipe), we listened to music, we even had time to run aground and unravel… Mostly we laughed a lot…

What I like

I have to say that what I really like about what I do is to feel that everyone is happy and also to be part of that feeling. Yesterday for example, there was talk of bathing in the hot springs and when the time came, some began to say here is not, there is another better place … Patatín, Patatán, almost get us to lose the afternoon in

search, not to find, heh, heh, but they do not know that they go with me and if I am happy there is no one to stop me …

In the end we ended up setting up a spa in Antarctica and 6 or 7 bathing and enjoying that beautiful madness that we have in Alegría Marineros.

I can only say thank you for yesterday, for me and I hope that for everyone it was a wonderful day.


Today is another wonderful day, very bright, the temperature is above zero and I think about 10 degrees, I am still waiting for some charitable soul to stretch and give us a thermometer of the good … of exteriors, of which they also leave marked the maximum and the minimum. Do not worry about shipping, there are some crew members traveling from Spain now in February, he,heh

You get in touch with Nacho or me and you will see how easy it will be to receive him … (what a face I have)

Well that, we are crossing between Deception Island and the Peninsula, which yesterday had iceberg and today did not (that means they move), we are going south of a small island called Trinidad where we will see a lot of fauna (I hope whales too). Tomorrow I will tell you what we have seen, that since we have expedition leader Sir Leopold Soibelzon… Let’s go the sea of informed!

We have also prepared the disinfection station for footwear and not contaminate the places we will visit, following the IAATO protocol.

It’s wonderful, it makes me feel young, promising and excited…

More tomorrow…

Joy Sailors!!

This must be lived and felt, it is once or more in life and I want to remind you that life is one and of one, that time is the richest thing we have and in us is the responsibility to manage it …

P.S. I’m a little angry with all of you!! I am striving and writing almost daily and nobody sends me an email, I know you are very busy but that someday someone takes 3 minutes to write us something would be very nice …

Thank you

My dream your dream… let’s live it…

Those who want to browse, you have to be attentive to the publications.

There are two very nice crossings now in April

-Ushuaia / Snowdrifts / Puerto Natales / Torres del Paine (10 days)
-Puerto Natales / some amazing glaciers / Puerto Eden / Chiloé / Valdivia (20 days)

Ask for information on the web,
or by writing to [email protected] and do not let it… so that it does not happen like Antarctica in February, which has long been complete …


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