In this article we are going to know a little better the Antarctic Peninsula. Unknown to many, more and more people are encouraged to carry out an excursion to the Antarctic continent.

Enjoying aboard a sailboat and knowing in first person its flora and fauna is something really unique, something that can only be enjoyed on that continent. If you’re curious to know a little more about the Antarctic Peninsula, read on.

Where is the Antarctic Peninsula?

The Antarctic Peninsula is an extension of land that is located in the northwest of the Antarctic continent. Exactly, the Antarctic Peninsula is considered the northernmost portion of Antarctica and has about 1300 kilometers in length.

The Antarctic Peninsula is the most accessible part on the Antarctic continent, so if you want to carry out a visit to this continent you will have to do it to this Antarctic Peninsula. Although it may seem very distant, the truth is that it is only a few hundred kilometers from South America, so sailing expeditions to this are the most popular.

Antarctic Peninsula map

There is probably still some aspect to discover in the Antarctic Peninsula, but thanks to the modern navigation techniques available today and technology, you can safely navigate to the Antarctic Peninsula.

If you look at a map, the Antarctic Peninsula is between the Weddell Sea to the east and the Bellingshausen Sea to the west. The Antarctic Peninsula is bordered to the north by the Scotia Sea and is a region with a fairly prominent orography. The Antarctic Peninsula has numerous ice-covered mountain ranges, evoking a spectacular landscape, incomparable to anywhere else on the planet.

Some of the most important mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula would be the Ellsworth Mountains and the Trinity Peninsula Mountains. The highest point in Antarctica would be Mount Vinson, which boasts an altitude of 4892 meters and is of course located within the Antarctic Peninsula.

What is the average temperature of the Antarctic Peninsula?

As you can imagine due to its location at the South Pole, the average temperature of the Antarctic Peninsula is usually quite low. This average temperature varies depending on the season and most commonly ranges between -10º and 0º Celsius during the Antarctic summer (from December to February) and drops to -20º Celsius during the Antarctic winter (from June to August).

If you are thinking of taking a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, the best time of year to do it is during the Antarctic summer. As we have seen, the months of December to February are those that have the most appropriate temperature, since these will be much milder, being close to 0º on the coast and, sometimes, it is likely to exceed these 0º.

On the other hand, during this Antarctic summer most of the ice in Antarctica melts, so the areas are much more accessible, which facilitates navigation and also the stay on the peninsula itself.

Another advantage you will have when traveling during this Antarctic summer is that the days are much longer, finding you with light practically at any time of the day. Although it may be a little more complicated to acclimatize due to how strange it is, it is the best option to carry out more activities and enjoy the continent itself.

On the other hand, it is also during the Antarctic summer where the fauna of the peninsula is most active. It will be much easier to enjoy penguins, seals or seabirds, and the more hours of light there are, the more facilities you will have to appreciate them.

One of the aspects that we must not forget is that the climate in the Antarctic Peninsula is very variable. It is very important to note that, even in summer, a quiet day can turn into a stormy day. Sometimes strong winds and snowstorms are created suddenly, although thanks to technology it is somewhat easier to predict these movements.

With this we want to tell you that, although you travel in summer, it is important to take into account all these aspects. To avoid all kinds of risks it is best to go to the Antarctic Peninsula in good physical shape and health.

To which country does the Antarctic Peninsula belong?

One of the most common questions asked by many people interested in traveling to the Antarctic Peninsula is to know which country they belong to. The truth is that the Antarctic Peninsula does not belong to any particular country.

There is the Antarctic Treaty, an international agreement that entered into force in 1961 where Antarctica is treated as a place dedicated to peace and science. Obviously, within this Antarctic treaty is the Antarctic Peninsula.

This treaty expressly states that Antarctica may only be used for peaceful purposes. All military activities are prohibited and scientific cooperation and the Antarctic environment must be promoted.

As a curiosity, certain countries have several claims within Antarctica. However, these claims are suspended due to the Antarctic Treaty. Basically, thanks to this Antarctic Treaty, Antarctica does not belong to anyone and no country can exercise sovereignty over it or try to influence it.

Within the Antarctic Treaty there are many countries that carry out scientific research in the region and make decisions jointly. Some of the countries that are part of the Antarctic Treaty are Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Spain, China… Some have adhered to the treaty over the years and, of course, all respecting the same conditions.

The Antarctic Peninsula has great scientific interest. It is a flora and fauna in which practically the human being has not affected at all, although it is true that in recent years visits to this peninsula have been increasing. However, the excursions that are carried out are very controlled and special permits are needed to access, that is, you can not access the Antarctic Peninsula.

Finally, in order to gain access to the peninsula itself, it is very important to respect the Treaty and all the necessary conditions. Forget about aspects such as pollution or waste disposal in its waters, the Antarctic continent has a very strict regulation that, today, is being reinforced due to all the tourist expeditions that are carried out.

Undoubtedly, the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the places on the planet where you will be able to best enjoy the flora and fauna in its splendor, observe the wildlife it has in which the hand of the human being is practically not noticeable.


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