Sailing in harsh seas

!! We are on September 11, 2023. Of our lord and maker of all things. The first thing is to send our condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Morocco 🇲🇦. The truth is that anywhere life can be truncated and the risk is everywhere, in the middle of the ocean 1 mile from […]

Crossing the Pacific heading south

Alegría Marineros Thursday, September 7, 2023 of our Lord and Maker of All ThingsHow good to write to you and thus know the date; If not, I don’t know what day I live. In the middle of nowhere and at all… We are already only 1200 miles from Cook Bay (entrance to the Beagle Channel). […]

Sailing in the Pacific: Experiences from the Ocean

Third Day of Navigation “Alegria Marineros. Greetings from the Pacific. We are already facing our third day of sailing. We sailed towards Cook Bay, about 3400 miles in a 120th direction.” Navigation and Conditions “We had two days of tight through, quite pleasant and, above all, without forcing the boat. This afternoon it began to […]

Crossing on the High Seas: Experiences and Challenges

A shaky start “Alegría Marineros… My dream, your dream… heh, heh. This journey from Fakarava to the Gambier Islands is being tough, good training for what’s to come, as well as a valuable lesson or, rather, a reminder: controlling the sea and wind doesn’t give you much room for manoeuvre, especially on ocean crossings.” Navigation […]

Sailing the Pacific

Alegría Marineros!! Greetings from the Pacific, one of the most isolated places on the planet. We are 10 days sailing to any point on land. It can be said that we are alone, sailing in a tiny artifact in the middle of the immensity of the ocean. The days are clear, with a lot of […]

Sailing with little wind

Sailing with little wind in the Pacific And as of the thick mists of the past centuries, traveling the shortest distance from the American continent to the Galapagos, enjoying a navigation without haste, almost without wind, where time becomes long, it makes you think and think … Thinking… There are not so many of us […]

Sailing to Ecuador

Sailing by sailboat to Ecuador by the Pacific! Joy Sailors!! What day have we spent today… What a marvel to sail on the Copernicus… We are 100 miles from Salinas, the wind is starting to slack and it is getting from the southeast, it is cold!! How deluded I decided to come to Ecuador because […]

Navigating tightly

Sailing the Pacific Ciñe that girds you, although I’m not very girded I’m enjoying a lot, I have to admit that this boat is a Cucumber! How noble and comfortable! There are times when I think he found me (I’m talking about the ship). The one who sails and travels is him, I only accompany […]

Sailing from Galapagos

Sailing from Galapagos Joy Sailors!!! The return from Galapagos to the mainland is more complicated than the outward journey. Everything that ran towards Galapagos now we have it against, we are girding to dog face forcing the boat just enough and we advance at just over 6 knots, we will have about 15 to 20 […]

Sailing the sailboat 2 people

Sailing the sailboat 2 people in the Pacific Joy sailors!! How I like to sail! It is clear that I am still a nomad and I can not stand for long, I need to navigate and do… Navigation We sailed towards 80 degrees, I would have liked to do course 100 but I did not […]