Paso del Drake faithful to its fame, continues to liven up the day

Joy Sailors!!

And from the thick mists of past centuries, when men were makers of their own legends, emerges the silhouette of a magnificent schooner “The Doubloon” of Alegría Marineros that is a tribute to those who for an illusion, beauty and La Mar dedicate their lives, this is my small tribute to those sailors and entrepreneurs who left everything for a dream, “The dream of many”.

The passage of the Drake

Here we are, crossing the Drake Passage, true to its fame, we are jumping for joy, negotiating each wave, sailing north through one of the toughest seas in the world and with a crew full of enthusiasm for what it does.

This navigation back and forth, from the present to the past and now from the past to the present has its work, work, as Javier says, this transfer cannot be free. Thanks to its complexity it remains so virgin and pure, in a time when the crew assimilates this great expedition they will give it the value that corresponds to it …

We sail north with fin wind, waves of 4 to 5 meters or something more, it is not easy to size them, this cold sea is 1.5 degrees, the gusts of wind that make the rigging sing and the huge waves that break us sometimes on the deck make us feel alive, at least to me… There are almost no adventures of this magnitude, negotiating each wave, feeling alone in the middle of the raging sea, this feeling of self-sufficiency where problems will have to be solved by yourself is wonderful …

From mess to mess

And if you are also the promoter of all this mess … You feel very good inside, almost fulfilled, the bad thing is that this feeling of living on the edge and undertaking projects is a vice and we will always want more, especially if crazy dreamers like the one who writes to you are added …

Today it crossed my mind that if next year we succeed and you join us, the same I start looking for a galleon with a considerable size … To be able to navigate to the most beautiful and remote places in the world, so it could take you all or at least almost everyone, if it is not face-to-face it will be virtually…

There are times when I think that this life does not give me enough time to do everything I want to dream, I would like that if one day I die, somewhere I put or be remembered as a dreamer …

Back to the Drake

This is tremendous, this is the second night that it gets dark since we set sail on January 10, you can tell that we are approaching civilization, The Drake He is showing us his teeth, but only a little, you can tell that he has much more inside, I feel small inside him but I smile and continue …

I pass the position so that you can get an idea of where we are

S 59.11.36
W 67.17.10
Heading 007
Speed 8, 5 knots
Wind 27 knots
Water temperature 1.7 degrees
Crew status, some are tired
Distance approx to Cape Horn 150 miles

Joy sailors!!

What a lot of waves there are in this dream…

We are telling you, you just need to live it here, with us.

As I like to sail!!


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