Today We discover Nicholas Cobb's sailboat

Joy sailors!!

A huge hug from this latitude!

Puerto Edén is a town with no more than 100 inhabitants, imagine, isolated for 2 years, just since the last time I was here, when the damn pandemic began…

We are the second ship to pass through here since then… and we’ve come to take the only sailboat here, the incredible Farway that Nicolas bought, a 46-foot, double-bow boat that sailed through The world since 1970, abandoned by its captain and owner (why do you have to finish sailing…)

Working on the 2 sailboats

We have been helping Nicolas for almost 2 days to make the sailboat habitable, imagine a boat that went around the world several times with a solo owner and reaching the end of his days. The boats are the extension of the spirit of their owners, when they age the boats too… and now Nicolas arrived, with a lot of friends full of desire and illusion, the Farway does not yet know how lucky he is, He has fallen into the hands of a great navigator, full of enthusiasm and experience …

From Alegría Marineros we are giving you all the possible support, a 25 horsepower outboard motor, solar panels, welding equipment and 24 hands at your disposal, believe me if I tell you that in less than 2 days I went from being a sad and defunct ship, full of dampness and sadness to a Senior full of enthusiasm.

Tomorrow, in 8 hours, we set sail south… He will be waiting but happy because he perceived the desire and strength of his new owner >>>>>>Nicolas Cobb an out of series…

We have divided our half-crew forces on each ship.

The Doubloon is ready for the south and the Farway, Nicholas Cobb’s sailboat is looking forward to the return of its owner.

We are in the middle of this tremendous adventure, there are 700 miles to the Beagle and if the weather accompanies us we will arrive in about 6 days …

The energy of this dream

For all this experience is feeding us, we are getting to the bottom of ourselves, it is an integral adventure, common project, dream realized, change of comfort zone, all unknown and to the

Once we understand each other perfectly, in short, we have united by a common dream and we are doing it without thinking if one or the other contributes more or less, the important thing is to live it … This is just wonderful…

They are surprises that life gives you, without looking for it, well I a little yes, we have come together and created a climate almost impossible to transmit, hence the “do not tell you” come and live it.

The illusion of Nicholas Cobb

This life is wonderful, hard, but wonderful, just seeing Nicolas’ eyes when he is helped by everyone already pays more than enough for this effort…

Joy Sailors ¡¡¡

We are already one more, El Farway, Nicholas Cobb’s sailboat, joined this dream, ours…

This is the exciting and joyful part of this story, about the sad and sentimental I will talk to you another day, the decline of the navigator and his boat at the end of his days …

Just as we all think and calculate when we can start with our dreams, perhaps we have to consider when to finish…

I’ll leave it there…

Joy Sailors

Port Eden
November 2021


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