We visited a penguin colony based on Primavera, in Antarctica

Joy Sailors!!

The weather has improved Antarctica, it is calm, the sea is still, the hundreds of icebergs float calmly, the whales roam freely.

Penguins, leopard seals, sea lions, cormorants, Antarctic pigeons, this is impressive!!

This morning when we were on our way to visit the Primavera Base in the chinchorro, setting aside ice with the oars, we saw a leopard seal having a penguin for breakfast and we were impressed. We have received an injection of reality, we are visiting a wild and pure place where nature selects and life is left to the fate of your predator, ours is the climate …

The Spring Base

The Primavera base, which we have visited because it is closed, is like a mini town with its walkways and warehouses very well maintained, the only defect it has is that it is in a penguin colony and smells very bad … Today we have paid the hazing of not thinking well before integrating into it, where the rocks are white is that they are recharged and slips as oil, some drained.

Whale!! I’ll be right back…

I’m already here, there were 2 humpback whales walking through Port Point, it’s 00:45h and the light is tremendous. As I was telling you, the hazing was funny, we have all ended up full of penguin guano (shit), it is not easy to get the smell out … But that’s it…

Here, the days are so long that you have to measure yourself with exhaustion, you don’t know what time it is, the day flies by and you sleep little…

Antarctic beauty

As I would like to send you the beauty that is accumulated here, it is an integral beauty, 360, the sea reflects the sky, the icebergs look like sculptures, the white of the snow, the blue of the ice, the penguins jumping through the water, the mountains loaded with snow and us in the middle looking and photographing without stopping …

Simply this is wonderful!

Joy sailors!!

How cool to dream and do… I think it’s the most beautiful thing you can do…

Here at Alegría Marineros we don’t let them tell us… We live it!!


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