We dropped anchor at the Alegría Marineros anchorage!!

That’s right, we are anchored in paradise itself!

A small bay not mapped by Navionics, which hides a waterfall, valleys abhorred with hunting green trees or sleeping turtledove, you know that this color is a great theme … The case It is that we walk with a cape to land with a calm sea and background the running of the water, starry sky, imagine here the light pollution is zero and the desire to see it is 100×100.

What do I tell you about today?

The day was simply wonderful, sailing through the Strait of Magellan just one year after its fifth centenary… You cannot imagine with what pride and hoisting the flag of my beloved Spain, the truth is that I miss her, and soon I will return …

The only ugly thing was to see how we reached 5 Chinese ships separated between them half a mile that are willing to leave the Atlantic lifeless, their gray color and seriousness were like watching death pass … they went without a flag, without any illusion to navigate this historic area, working as slaves and it seems to be skipping all the rules of selection or the slightest decorum for life at sea.

I have asked the Chilean checkpoint of the Strait of Magellan and they told me that they are indeed them and that they are escorted to international waters by the Chilean navy (at least the destruction is far away) and on the other hand they have something to eat … are


We are about 250 miles from Puerto Williams, there was the bittersweet taste of not being able to cross Cape Horn but the Windy made it very clear, on the scale from light to dark it turned black and if we add to that the streaks that can be 50% more, the thing looked very bad.

In addition I have not seen anywhere that you have to suffer because if …

We are already at latitude 53 which is not less… and very happy with the operation of the boat and the crew, I will not tire of being grateful to them …

To give you an idea, if you catch the google earth, we are in the Strait of Magellan, a little before its great turn to the north, about 50 miles from Punta Arenas, in a small anchorage called Alegria Sailors, heh, heh, heh, because if Navionics does not have it named we already name it …

Well, that, I’m going to sleep like small children, with a smile and a finger in my mouth of how comfortable I am and we are …

Joy Sailors

This dream must be lived live…

A hug to all

Health and share this illusion with whoever you think is capable of perceiving it…


The crew is very good and very animated, they do not stop laughing, Jacinto is very funny and with Toni they make a tremendous duet. Ernesto has some great points, Andrea photographs everything, Santi and Daniela do not stop teaching us things, Lucas and Guille need someone to stop them, they are immediately ringing the bell and turning up the music …
Monica does what she can, don’t worry, we are taking care of everything we can.
Otherwise all good except that there is no coke and some more stuff …


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