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n the video Pedro tells us what are the next journeys from Ushuaia.

4th stage ( 12 January to 11 February )

– From January 12 to January 27

Ushuaia (Pto.Williams-Cape Horn-Pto.Williams)/ Isla de los Estados / Ushuaia

– From January 28 to February 11

Ushuaia/Cordillera Darwin / northwest and southwest arm of the Beagle /Ushuaia

Regatta “Cape Horn Challenge”

5th stage Ushuaia / Valdivia

( from February 28 to April 2 )

Ushuaia / Darwin mountain range / fuegian channels (various landfalls) / Punta Arenas / Valdivia ( Chile )

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We hope you like them as much as we do.

We update the crossings, September 2021:

Upcoming crossings

-November 11 heading to Cape Horn by the Pacific to Ushuaia (for experienced sailors)
– December Snowdrifts (adventurers of any condition)
– January Antarctica (dreamers)
– February Antarctica and its bottoms (divers and dreamers)
– March Fuegian Channels to Valdivia (dreamers, nature lovers)
– April Pacific Crossing to the Marquesas (dreamers)
– May and June Marquesas and French Polynesia, (dreamers)
– July Pacific Crossing, Easter Island, Chile (dreamers)
Tell me what you think? It is very important that you start booking intention of place at least the restrictions are ending and places are limited

Joy Sailors

We are achieving this dream, let’s live it!


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