Let's see Whales in Antarctica

Joy Sailors!!

It’s 6 in the morning, my guard begins, everything is calm, the low wind we only have 8 knots, the sea is a little rough, the albatrosses accompany us. We recently crossed paths with the Russian ship that lost its anchor, heading north towards Ushuaia.

The crew is fine, some are still unwell but they are improving I think this afternoon the sea will calm down.

It seems that we will arrive during the day to Deception Island heh, heh, in this area it is easy to get there during the day, the night lasts just three hours …

I keep catching up with sleep, it’s sitting very well to rest after the scare the other day …

The boat is going well, we continue with sail although supported by the engine, we have not seen any whale, today they reported that there is a whale entangled in fishing gear near Primavera Bay, we will be attentive.

It’s nice to sail here, the day is very bright and there is a lot of visibility, I’m looking forward to reaching Antarctica and enjoying this luminosity between icebergs, seals and whales.

The uncertainty of this area

This thing of reaching the end of the world has its morbidity, you look at the horizon and imagine the navigators of yesteryear (not so long ago …) sailing into the unknown and my hair stands on end … Even now, the information in certain areas is not very precise and you also have to count on the ice moving and if you are not aware you can get trapped. I have to say I wouldn’t mind being stuck for a couple of days… But let no one know…

I am looking forward to hearing the first cry “a whale blows out there” I will keep you informed …

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send it to our website:

Remind you that all the places are already full for the following expeditions and there are only 2 left for the fueguinos channels.

I pass the position in case you want to come for a while …

S 58.11.89
W 64.47.66
Heading 170
Speed 6 kts
Light wind of 306
Water temperature 1.5 degrees
Outdoor temperature 7 degrees
Interior temperature 23 degrees
Crew mood, good

Joy Sailors!!

What is life like? Well, it’s wonderful and what we have to do is live it…

My dream is our dream and I want to become your tool to fulfill it…


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