We sailed 50 to 100 miles from Cape Horn

Joy Sailors!!
Greetings from about 100 miles southwest of Cape Horn. This will be the 8th time I pass Cape Horn and this is perhaps the most official and suffered along with the second in my dear Copernicus.

Not all the fish is sold yet… It is nice to feel how this boat negotiates the waves and the wind, when La Mar begins to grow… We have had waves of 6 meters, the pilot has hardly complained and the boat has suffered as is logical… However, in the moments of almost mountainous waves he brought out his nobility, length and weight to shine. I am very happy with him and the crew too, some when they have peeked out on deck, they were surprised by the one that had been bundled outside because inside it was not perceived so much …

The Captain

In my case I am enjoying a lot, but as I am captain and I carry a lot of responsibility I always walk with my ass tight and trying to be as conservative as possible. From time to time I give myself the pleasure of going out on deck and doing some maneuver in the bow to feel alive and full of adrenaline.

What power do the seas have around here!! How I like to live it and navigate it!!

100 miles from Cape Horn

Well, we are in El Paso de Drake, paying the toll to enjoy Antarctica, majestic and grandiose. Every day we have had good weather and sun, crossing the sea of Hoces and reaching it is like really arriving on another planet, it changes everything, the light, the sounds, the times, the calm, the feeling of everyone of wonder and respect, the fauna, it is like visiting another life and giving you a shot of blood and reset of the mind …

The Chilean Fjords

I wanted to talk about another topic, it seems that I am and I am! very focused on Antarctic expeditions, I wanted to tell you that for those who do not have so much time I have prepared the Antarctica girl, The Chilean Fjords. This expedition lasts only a week and you will have practically everything you receive in Antarctica plus waterfalls and a lot of green and you will not have to worry about making long navigations or crossing rough seas.

This expedition is ideal to do it with your partner or friends, you will know the last two cities and towns at the end of the world, navigate between channels, we will go up spectacular fjords, we can always sleep safely.

The Chilean Fjords are the great unknowns of nature, there are not many ways to visit them, it is an exclusive expedition, do not tell you, if you are curious do not hesitate, after the Antarctic Expedition in February we will do the Chilean Fjords on 2 occasions.

Maybe you think I’m a little tired with my recommendations but there really is no color! These areas that I am offering now, is the best I have seen so far and that is why I recommend it with such tenacity, maybe next year you can no longer or I do not go or decide to go to other places, life takes many turns, at least one every day …

Here is the Doubloon

I pass the position between wave and wave do not see what sea is out there! Great, noble and powerful, what power nature has!!

S 58.15,24
W 69.11,567
Heading 50
Speed 9 knots
Wind 25 knots
Waves 4 to 5 meters
Temperature 6 degrees
Sea temperature 3.5
Crew condition good, almost no one is dizzy anymore

What a wonderful life!! I am very grateful to life and the opportunity it is giving me to do what I do, it makes me want to go giving hugs on the street, I am privileged

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Joy Sailors ¡¡¡

My dream is your dream, I offer it to you from the heart!


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