Winds of 40 knots in the Drake, a bit of Rock & Roll!!

Joy Sailors!!

What a marvel to sail these seas…

The Sea is full of energy and purity, the wind whistles and sings, we are waiting for its increase in strength. Some waves break on the dead work and shake us a little, we are very happy, there are 285 miles to Cape Horn and we hope that the wind and the sea increase.

We have had problems with the reel of the genoa, it stayed a quarter, when it dawns I will fix it, we have hoisted the ratchet that we had prepared for this moment. We sail with stability, at a reasonable speed, 6 knots, we have 25 knots with waves of about 3 meters and we expect winds of more than 40 knots, I was looking forward to some Rock & Roll…

Navigating these latitudes with water at 2 degrees and medium winds has its complications, your hands freeze very quickly and the maneuvers have to be short and clear, if your hands freeze you become useless and that is not good …

While I was struggling with the winder of the genoa, I had to sit on the bowsprit, how exciting the feeling of being flying and falling into the water in seconds suddenly you are 4 meters high suddenly you are with your legs in the water, as I like the feeling of risk … What a pity I couldn’t solve it, my hands froze and I had to have an abortion.

Cold in the hands

I am not one to abort, but it is not urgent and with icy hands it is absurd, this cold reminds me of when I worked as a messenger in winter and I spent the whole day freezing my hands and thawing in the offices while waiting for the next service. When your fingers freeze if you have a sudden change in temperature they hurt you like right now while I write to you … I remember in those winter days in Madrid, some office workers told me, stay, don’t be in a hurry warm up and I told them no, I had to go fast because the heat hurts … like love. On other occasions, especially when it rained, sometimes I was treated fatally because I left a puddle on the ground… well they are things of the works …

The fact is that we are in the Drake, we are working and I am very happy for what is left, for what is coming and for everything, so we are going to give cane to life that never happened anything for doing nothing and I love messes …

Joy Sailors

What a lot of waves there are today in this dream…

Here are 17 h I do not know how many hours I have left on duty and Nicolas will appear


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