Arriving by sailboat to Antarctica for the 3rd time

Joy Sailors!!


We are almost there, the temperature is dropping, the water is 2 degrees, the atmosphere is cold, you go out to take a picture and your hands get cold very fast.

The sea is calming, the wind is also about to change its direction and we will have a few hours of northeast just as we enter the South Shetlands Islands, then we will have about 60 miles to Caleta Cierva or Charlott Bay. It is already starting to get dark and we will not be able to navigate that area without light, it will be full of icebergs that besides beautiful are dangerous … Any iceberg or ice debris is very dangerous and should not be trusted… do you remember what happened to the Titanic? Well…

The crew

The crew is very good, they are tired of waiting so much and the navigation on the Drake becomes a bit heavy, there is none dizzy, we are all looking forward to reaching the White Continent, I think we will have 2 days with wind and then calm will come, being so turbulent the Sea we are seeing little fauna, I am sure that in the peninsula we are going to swell to see whales, seals and icebergs.

Personally I am very happy and I hope to be able to transmit this happiness in my videos and to the boat crew. The Alegría Marineros team is working very well, although they have me very watched, I think I am the worst of all … I’m not used to discipline, I believe more in things flowing…

And while I…

I’m on call, for me it’s like therapy, it’s the time of day, rather at night, that I’m more alone and calmer, it’s time to let my feelings fly and start dreaming a little… Dreaming is like being a child again and being a child is the healthiest thing I know for the mind and feelings, dreamers are very sane crazy …


Arriving in Antarctica

It is snowing, we sail about 40 miles from the South Shetland and about 140 from Caleta Cierva, we are going a little against the clock, it is vitally important to cross the Gerlache channel by day and reach Caleta Cierva at least in the twilight, this area is full of icebergs.

Now it is 03:15h, the night is dark and the sky is closed, in fact it is snowing, we look out every 10 minutes to try to see some obstacle, iceberg, boat … It is not easy, we take the boat totally dark and the navigation lights on the top of the mast so that they do not interfere with the light. In a few minutes outside you freeze, it is best to leave with your eyes accustomed to darkness, look and hide again. A while ago, Paula came out and brought a wave that chased her across the deck, gave her just enough time to close the bridge door … How lucky he was…


We are sailing with a motor supported by the sail, we must remember that for me speed is safety, the barometer has dropped a lot in the last 3 hours, the wind rolled to the northeast and this is not very normal around here … I’m not worried but if pending…

Otherwise everything is fine, the crew wanting to arrive, some are looking forward to bathing, how crazy!!, and the rest of us are crazy to enjoy these views and all the fauna we can, in short, we are all crazy and that is our common link, so nothing can fail …


Joy Sailors!!

My dream is your dream and I want to become your tool for us to fulfill them, what do you think? You have to stop reading it and come to live it…


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