We are arriving in Antarctica by sailboat!!

We are finally back in Antarctica!!

It is a clear and bright day, we are arriving by sailboat to Deception Island, Antarctica. We already spotted Sail Rock, a pinnacle a few miles before the entrance to Deception.

The whole crew is very lively, the temperature is not very cold, we are about 5 degrees positive and there is hardly any wind.

We were visited by 2 huge whales, we believe they were Austral, one of them was a calf, we were also accompanied by some penguins and the petrel Gameros, it was like a welcome commission


The Light of Antarctica

You can already see the islets and islands loaded with snow. The sea temperature is below 0 degrees, there are clouds and clearings, the sun appears and fills everything with light.

Yesterday we were able to observe our first Antarctic sunset.

At this time it does not get dark, the sun takes a long time to set and twilight is confused with dawn … We were fortunate to see the green ray several times…

The crew

The boat and crew are behaving great, there is a very good atmosphere and that makes me happy…

When you perceive these sensations you forget all the difficulties we have gone through to get back to the end of the world …

Today more than ever I tell you not to let them tell you, that life is one and one and if you want, you can this is special as well as unique.

The whaling factory of Deception Island

I am looking forward to anchoring to take a walk with the crew and show them the magnitude of the abandoned whaling factory, I will invite you to close your eyes and imagine the activity that took place here many years ago …

Let us give thanks to technology, because if it were not for it, whales would no longer exist.

I never thought I would say this but the oil came to save these cetaceans. Despite all the bad things it brought, life must move forward, we must learn to respect and take care of these areas of the planet that I believe are undoubtedly the purest that remains in this world.

Joy Sailors!!

We are arriving in Antarctica by sailboat but this is only the first of the four expeditions that we will do this year, there is still some place for mid-January and February without forgetting that later we will have the wonderful Chilean fjords …

I leave you, I’m going to cover, all this is wonderful and I need to go up to sediment so much beauty and so much effort that is behind all this to get it.

Thank you all and the fantastic team that accompanies us.

Lucas, Vicky, Jorge, Guille, Paula Cavicchia, Paula Allende, Nacho, Bianca, Leo Manuel, Gabriel, Montse, Paloma, Irene and someone else that I forget…

Without a doubt, without your support, we could not have made it this far.

This is a wonderful challenge as well as incredible!


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