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Autopilot works again!

Good news, we have autopilot and also there are only 1050 miles left to get to Rapa-Nui

Look, I say only 1050! It’s like going from Valencia to the Canary Islands, we are so used here at Alegría Marineros to doing miles, that we have lost track of distances. We have looked at the plotter to browse and since we left Seattle we have 7100 miles!! Joy sailors!! It’s going to be true that we like to sail…

The pilot is excellent news, the result of perseverance and not losing faith, indeed what happens a lot in the boats happened, we took forward some theory of what happened, we disarmed it, we put it back together and it works. We do not know if the overpressure spring was cleaned or if a cursed bubble went away and everything returned to normal, the fact is that it has been working for 10 hours and we rest… Well not so much but more relaxed.


We sail as a trucker, we are spending a calm trying to sneak between 2 high pressures I think tomorrow we will start to have a headwind … but at the moment despite the motorada, the Pacific is being peaceful, bright blue, it is beautiful.

When I go to motovela I lose a little interest in sailing and I lock myself more in my things, I read and unfortunately I am returning to see La Casa de Papel.
It doesn’t let me live, I’m looking forward to finishing it so that my life can make sense again. What people! As we are hooked, I would have to put in the credits or in a watermark “THIS PRODUCT IS ADDICTIVE, DO NOT ABUSE IT YOU COULD LOSE PART OF YOUR LIFE LOOKING AT US NONSTOP” ufff that ready the teacher of the…

Terrace with views

I’m going to see sunrise and take a picture of you, so you have proof that this story is real and not a series …

Beautiful, it’s like a canvas that looks like every day, but you never get tired of looking at it. What a gift life gives us every day, these things are what make the difference with the life I led before, of deciding to leave everything and go sailing the world…

Papa Alegría and his puppies

I wanted to remind you that I have 4 puppies on offer children of Joy and Princess a very nice couple who already loved each other before the heat arrived. I have thought about opening a crowdfunding to help me with the maintenance of this family …

Speaking of help, how is it about the invitations to beer and buying me a t-shirt that man does not live only from the wind … hehehe Throw you the roll that more for the amount is to feel appreciated, that here we feel a little alone and you have to make a fund for the beers (Kuntsmann) that we are going to drink in Rapa Nui, the party is in your hands …

Q&A section

Thank you for your questions about the curiosities you have about navigation

– Water treatment plant

Yes, we have in the two boats, they are not of much production, 30 liters an hour, but if you take advantage of turning it on while charging batteries, it gives us to shower and keep the tanks always full. You never know when it will stop working… It is the one we also use to drink and has a problem, it is so pure that it has no mineral salts therefore you drink and drink but it does not quench thirst.

– Candle repair

Well, we buy a sewing machine in the US, like the autopilot, and the truth is that we are using it often.

– Preservation of fresh food

This is always a problem on the big journeys and we always learn things. For example vegetables, potatoes, onions, carrots, should be dark and fruits should be separated but it does not matter that the light a little.

I like that you consult things, so you help me warm up our heads and I will be able to get interesting topics to tell you …

Well I pass the position

S 22.39.84

W 128.50.16

Heading 95

Speed 6.7

Light northeast wind 7 knots

UTC time 15.00

Good crew atmosphere

Joy Sailors

What a joy the autopilot!!

Today I tell you nothing about what life is one and one’s. Or that they don’t tell you or anything like that, which I think you already know…

A hug to all


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