The best beaches in Mar del Plata

The Mar de Plata is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists as a holiday resort. This is due to the quality of the beaches found in this part of the Argentine coast. What are the best beaches in Mar del Plata? If you are thinking of enjoying the benefits of these beaches, but […]

Punta del Este

If you do not know where you can spend your next vacation, this article will be interesting. Here we come to talk about Punta del Este, a tourist destination that more and more people know and enjoy. If you’ve never heard of Punta del Este or, on the contrary, don’t know much about the site, […]

First expeditions to Antarctica

Answering who was the first to arrive in Antarctica is complicated. Depending on who you ask the question, they may answer that it was one explorer or another. This is because in 1820 there were two rival expeditions that set out to discover Antarctica and of course only one of them could arrive first. There […]

Whale Watching in Puerto Madryn

Whale watching is one of the most impressive activities that can be carried out in this life. The whale is the largest mammal and seeing it in its habitat is a spectacle like no other. This whale watching is one of the main activities you can do in Puerto Madryn. If you would like to […]