La Base Brown

Brown Base in Paradise Bay Joy Sailors!! What day have we spent today… La Base Brown Paradise Bay, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Today it was radiant full of icebergs and whales, with a calm that the sea looked like a mirror. We could not visit the Almirante Brown base, but […]

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay, an incredible day. King George Island It’s been a few days since I write to you, around here everything and everyone is good, some better and others much better … Finally we arrived in pure Antarctica, the truth is that King George does not represent the Antarctica that we all have in mind, […]

The rhythm of Antarctic navigation

The rhythm of Antarctic navigation What a wonderful messy and emotional day we had yesterday… Some crew members who set sail for their lives and others who arrive from them, all with emotions on the surface, friendships that are created… Keep in mind that this expedition will never be forgotten, this is not just another […]

Deception Island

We sail towards Deception Island We have had to change plans, so are the expeditions, the weather rules, I received an email from the airline DAP “The only one that operates in Antarctica”. We had the flight from King George Island to Punta Arenas for the 16th and they have advanced it one day, so […]

Argentine Base Almirante Brown

Heading to the Argentine Base Almirante Brown Joy Sailors! We are on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.  The spirit of the crew It snows around here, everything is calm. Yesterday we sailed to Paradise Bay, we spent the day anchored, sheltered from a not very strong storm but with winds of up to 35 knots. The […]

Whales in Antarctica

Today we watch whales in Antarctica! Joy Sailors!!Today was simply a wonderful day of more than 20 hours of light. We are anchored in Port LockRoy. We sailed in one go here, passing through the Melchior and the Gerlache channel. We enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime show, we were standing among whales, more than 20! divided into […]

Ecology and travel to Antarctica

Ecology and trips to Antarctica living on a sailboat Again and there are already 5 that we arrived in Antarctica It really is like arriving on another planet, the effort, the distance, the illusion of all the crew makes it create a kind of magic and intrigue. The navigation is a bit hard, we had […]

Arriving in Chiloé by sailboat

Arriving in Chiloé by sailboat sailing from Puerto Aguirre. Well, the days go by and we are assimilating the loss of Faraway, it is not worth much to continue lamenting and learning from what happened. Towing a boat from such a remote place is very complicated, because of the changing weather in this area, in […]

A Ketch designed by Colin Archer

We rescued a Ketch sailboat designed by Colin Archer As I like messes… What is life without messes and new challenges? heh, heh I am very happy apart from attentive and concerned this new adventure that we have undertaken today is not minor, I do not think that anyone or very few are those who […]

Discovering snowdrifts on a sailboat

Discovering snowdrifts on a sailboat, how wonderful! I finally got rid of the thorn I had 3 years ago! I talked about this place but I could not show it, I almost came to think that it was the result of my imagination, does it not ever happen to you that you imagine something so […]