A Ketch designed by Colin Archer

We rescued a Ketch sailboat designed by Colin Archer As I like messes… What is life without messes and new challenges? heh, heh I am very happy apart from attentive and concerned this new adventure that we have undertaken today is not minor, I do not think that anyone or very few are those who […]

Discovering snowdrifts on a sailboat

Discovering snowdrifts on a sailboat, how wonderful! I finally got rid of the thorn I had 3 years ago! I talked about this place but I could not show it, I almost came to think that it was the result of my imagination, does it not ever happen to you that you imagine something so […]

We sail on a sailboat towards the Pia glacier

We sail on a sailboat towards the Pia glacier The weather is a bit scrambled, the Beagle appears and disappears between the mist, rain and snow, blows in gusts and when these pass 40 knots you see the rain and sometimes the snow run through the Beagle, it is simply wonderful to feel the power […]

Sailing on a sailboat to Valdivia

We set sail for Punta Arenas and then sailing on a sailboat to my beloved Valdivia! New group, new adventures, this time we are 12 crew members, almost all sailors and eager to navigate this area. I will not tire of telling you that it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. […]

New journeys

I’ll tell you the new journeys But first, the diary!! Where is the limit? This is a problem, how is it possible that I like living like this so much? Experimenting, appreciating, exciting, inspiring others… Today, for example, I heard among the crew of this wonderful group several sincere thanks, they were not for my […]

Doubling Cape Horn

This morning we double the mythical Cape Horn!! We were lucky enough to round Cape Horn and be able to get within 2 miles of it, pull out our blackboard and be photographed with this iconic place on our back. Behind the shadow of the ancient navigators Perhaps some did not perceive the importance of […]