Joy Sailors… now we can say it, we are crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat
We are on Monday, February 4, 2019, it is Monday, it is 6 and I am on call. What silence, just us, the flutter of the sails and the running of the hull over the sea… Nice… heh, heh but, I do not fish, now we do not run much we go to 5 kts there is little wind, this afternoon we have caught a tip of 15 kts in a wave … That’s a lot of running (too much)
The crew is very well (at least I perceive it that way ,,) some small dizziness but I am convinced that tomorrow they will all be fine.
We have a long day from La Gomera, it cost us to leave the Canary Islands, gusts of 40 kts and then no wind (they say that whoever sails the islands already knows how to sail …) well I have to learn … We had to go motorized for a few hours because the shelter of the islands is large and a bit treacherous, once separated from El Hierro is already more stable, we are already with the Atlantic wave ..
I want to take this opportunity to say goodbye to you, the exit was a bit messy … and needed my attention at the controls of this wonderful ship …
Some messages have arrived to the iridium, thanks for not forgetting …
The tripu is going very well everyone collaborates and you can tell that they want to sail, we have even had a guitar session, Javier la Hoz plays very well and Pilar sings like the sirens … (Thanks Carlos for the guitar…)
I pass the situation (in case anyone wants to come for a drink)
N 24.31.49
W 19.43.51
Heading 230
Speed 6 kts
Time 07 .08 UTC
Real wind 8 kts NE
We are almost 200 miles from La Gomera
What a feeling of freedom, we are sailing towards the sunset, some clouds are already dawning a new day is forming … For me this is the best moment, silence and solitude …
Well I do not have much more to tell you to highlight that feeling of intrigue towards the unknown …
Joy Sailors .. my dream your dream, my solitude your company!

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