Crossing on the High Seas: Experiences and Challenges

A shaky start “Alegría Marineros… My dream, your dream… heh, heh. This journey from Fakarava to the Gambier Islands is being tough, good training for what’s to come, as well as a valuable lesson or, rather, a reminder: controlling the sea and wind doesn’t give you much room for manoeuvre, especially on ocean crossings.” Navigation […]

Sailing on a sailboat Heading to Puerto Madryn

Brown Base in Paradise Bay Alegria Sailors!! We are on November 27, 2019Sailing on a sailboat by the very 40 bramadores .. towards Puerto Madryn this is incredible not only because of the sea and the site but because we are realizing “the dream” We have come this far to the gates of the sea […]

Crossing the Equator by sailboat

Alegria Sailors!! We are crossing the equator on a sailboat!! We are on Friday, February 15, 2019 How hot… milk, we are about to cross the equator N 0.33.94 and it shows, he, heh . Today we had another great day.. almost all day with SPI (we are already experts) we allow ourselves the luxury […]

Sailing on a sailboat 200 nm from land

Joy sailors! We are doing what we like the most, Nvegan on sailboat ! Today is Thursday, February 14. Valentine’s Day. Of course! Of course, I have to write to you!!! Thank you for being there. I’ve been trying to write to you for 3 days and although it seems incredible the time here sailing […]

Crew news from the sailboat

Crew News osición 07º 55,2’N – 027º 22,8′ W Heading 215º – Speed 8 knots Wind 16 knots from the northeast Paula, Allende los Mares “How different is this crossing in which the wind increases during the day and subsides at night, unlike when sailing to the Caribbean. Waiting for the southern cross to guide […]

We sail from Cape Verde

I put you in situation, we sail from Cape Verde, Alegria Marineros.. Now if that if but that well is here today has been a wonderful day and night, it is one of those days when everything comes together to be well, the sea, the little wind, the spi, the conversations … Right now I […]

Crew News

Joy sailors! 20º 01,3′ N – 022º 59,9′ W Heading 227º – Speed 7.8 knots 10:08 UTC – 06/02/19 @kikeserrano.- Today we wake up with the company of 20 dolphins that say good morning and escort us for more than half an hour while we go into the high seas. We also share the sea […]

Crossing the Atlantic by sailboat

Joy Sailors… now we can say it, we are crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat We are on Monday, February 4, 2019, it is Monday, it is 6 and I am on call. What silence, just us, the flutter of the sails and the running of the hull over the sea… Nice… heh, heh but, […]

Fishing in the Atlantic

Joy sailors!We have achieved it we are fishing in the Atlantic Heading 220º – Winds F5 20 knots – Speed 8 knots with tips of 11!!Position 33º 04,96′ N – 010º 48,74’WTime 16:47h UTC Joy Sailors …We are celebrating… We have caught a wonderful tuna, we are freezing it and tomorrow we will taste it..In […]

Heading Tenerife by sailboat

Joy Sailors!! We sail towards Tenerife or maybe La Gomeera on a sailboat… We have 35 hours of navigation we are very, very good, we have had very little wind, sometimes when a shower approached we received 20 kts and we got the joy .. we still don’t fish… Since last year…The Tripu has a […]