Crossing the equator in the Pacific

Joy Sailors!!

Here Peter who is determined to take you to sail the world!!!

Yes, yesterday we crossed the Equator in the Pacific, we are already in the southern hemisphere, this is one more achievement of Alegría Marineros and of all of you who are our wind and our energy.

The crossing of the Equator is always very emotional, for me it is the second time, but the first in the Pacific. We take out a sparkling wine, the blackboard and photo shoot so that we do not forget that we are lame **and we are very capable of whatever is put in front of us.

Well, it’s enough to throw flowers at us…

We are about 600 miles from Nuku-Hiva, the crew is eager to get there, everyone has their own reasons but what is clear is that we are not the same as when we set sail. We may not realize it now, but when this expedition settles we will realize what we have learned. Nowadays being without internet, away from our loved ones and out of our comfort zone, without any doubt is an experience that I recommend.

The Doubloon sails well with a cross wind of 15 knots we do 6.5 knots, we have a little wiggling, the waves give us through, it is a matter of getting used to it …

I pass the position so that you do not lose sight of us

E 1.31.06

W 132.18.01

Heading 219

Speed 7 knots

Distance to Nuku-Hiva 625 miles

UTC time 01.20 h

I hope to see you soon and if anyone dares to come or invite us to a beer in Nuku-Hiva.
I am very excited about the arrival in French Polynesia, everything is new to me and the excitement and that tingle of knowing new places, cultures and seas …
I think if I like this area, I think I will, we will frequent it, at least once a year come here, bring you with me and enjoy this adventure.

Joy Sailors!!

We keep dreaming…


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