Joy Sailors!!

I’m Pedro Jimenez and I sail the world…

We are in our 9 day of sailing, we continue scoring with a lot of rags in our rigging.
Weak wind from the west makes us head south, we are already approaching the equator, we believe that tomorrow the wind will change and we will be able to make direct southwest to Polynesia.

Life on board is pleasant, we all start to marinate and have our rhythms, for now we are doing well.

The only weird thing is that we have an extra crew member that no one has seen… This crew member leaves us a gift always in the same bathroom. Yesterday we had a meeting to discuss this issue and everyone swears innocence. I prepared a protocol for the use of the bathroom so that this does not happen again and today it reappeared, there is no other explanation we are not 11 we are 12, there is someone else with us … he

How was the day today?

It wasn’t hot today, we almost caught another Marling… although tonight we had grilled Marling, the one that Hernán caught, otherwise all good, we continue sailing and if Aeolus wants so we will continue.

I pass the position:

N 8.25.96

W 115.24.02

Heading 170

Apparent wind 10 knots

Speed 3.5 knots

UTC time 19.40 h

Joy Sailors!!

Today this dream is with peace and tranquility

A hug to all


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