We are on a new journey south by sailboat, heading to Antarctica.

Joy Sailors!!

We are already giving cane again…
After the beating and lesson of humility that gave us the crossing from Valdivia to Puerto Montt, where most of the crew was indisposed, today we sailed again… everyone is fine, we sail heading south towards the Moraleda channel. Maybe we’ll make a small arribada in Puerto Aguirre and continue towards the Aysén canals.

Aysén Canals

The channels of Aysén bring me a great memory, already 2 years ago we crossed them in the Copernicus, with another wonderful crew and we were lucky enough to see a whale migration, it was incredible, like 100 whales blowing through the Darwin Channel. Now we also go with a great Crew, perhaps more cheerful and more numerous, I like to sail with crews full of enthusiasm and joy. If I stop talking and get to listen you hear a mixture of sea, waves and some crew humming, even singing, no more than 2 minutes pass without hearing a laugh, especially that of Fernando (what a cheerful uncle, I admire him a lot).

Today I finally started writing and telling you about this journey south by sailboat, the truth is that I missed it but I have not had time to digest.

What we have achieved again among all, was again a feat, in a month this piece of schooner looks like another, we have improved in security, Habitability, appearance, we have given it everywhere. It was a great success the idea of changing jobs for miles, I had faith but this team have far exceeded it … I will not tire of saying what Thankful I am.

This shows us all that by an illusion and good attitude Get everything anyone can set out to do. Joy Sailors, this Once also my dream was everyone’s…

Are we going to Antarctica?

Well, here we are sailing south, to Antarctica and some intermediate stops such as the Snowdrifts, Cape Horn and Canals Fuegians. This is incredible, we are returning to Antarctica on The most remote I have intriguing place in the world and on a bigger ship, like I dreamed it… You remember I said it >>>>>>>>>? Well, here we are…

The truth is that I do not know why I do things, there is something that drives me and he tells me what to do is placing clues and aids along the way and in the end I end up doing what I dreamed of, I should not get used to it is Too beautiful for me, it is a supernatural force that can and gives me energy, not without a great physical, mental and economic effort.

Sometimes I’m afraid and I think that this dream will end up dragging me along… I hope it’s worth the key you have.

I have made the tool for travel and dreams now is your time to show that all this is worth it and you are able to use this tool …

The dream

I have to tell you and I think those of you who have been with me for some time already know that I am a dreamer who moves with impulses and enthusiasm and that this year we return to Antarctica, tell you that if we do not take advantage of the opportunity of this tool perhaps next year there will be no Antarctica or if, already See… Life is one and one and opportunities come and go…

Well I no longer warm your head with my rolls of desire and illusions, let’s return to reality here and now

I pass the position on this journey south by sailboat in case you want to travel a little on the computer:

S 43.48.14
W 73.21.72
Speed 7.5 knots
Wind 10 knots
Address 185
Local time 05 h

The night is calm, the crew in very good spirits, the moon is growing and I am writing to you, so Joy Sailors have a great day and do not forget your dreams …


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