We have arrived in Deception Island

Joy Sailors!!

Greetings from Deception, the gateway island to Antarctica!!

After having visited the impressive whaling factory and taking a walk through the Gabriel de Castilla (Española) and Decepción bases (Argentina), both are empty because it seems that until January they will not be working, the vast majority of Antarctic scientific bases are only inhabited in summer. Of the 10,000 people who are on base during the season, only 1,000 stay in winter.

Deception Island and the whaling factory

We are lucky, we have been with sunny skies for several days and the light in this area of the world is simply spectacular.

Now we are anchored in front of the bases, waiting for the wind to subside to set sail for Caleta Cierva. We will set sail tonight, (there is no night… heh, heh) about 00h that the wind will go down and we can do with tranquility the almost 70 miles that separate the Antarctic peninsula from Deception Island.

Climate change or volcanic activity?

I have noticed that this year this island has less snow and ice than other years, maybe it is because it simply snowed less or because of climate change but I do not think so, I have my own theory, it gives me the feeling that the ground is warming. I have seen more water vapor than other years and the ground much drier, even has dust… I hope I’m not right but it gives me that something is going to happen and that it may be that an eruption comes soon… This is based on nothing but my intuition and imagination but I think I should have shared it…

The crew

The crew is very good, today they took ham out of the good… is competing to see who makes the best Spanish omelette while we wait in this special anchorage to set sail and continue visiting Antarctica

For me this is the fourth time I come, it continues to impress me but I am already getting used to it, even so it strikes me how they are amazed with what they are seeing, this confirms the incredible of these expeditions that I do. I manage to awaken the senses of the crew and their illusion to discover, yesterday they were saying that they wanted to circumnavigate Antarctica (how crazy) heh, je I really like to awaken those illusions in people, travel, discover, some have even bought boats, others have begun to plan to travel the world on their sailboat …

Here in life the important thing is to have illusions, work on them, share them and then realize them, this is at least my opinion.

The temperature is not very low we are about 5 degrees during the day and zero at night, the sea is at zero degrees the only thing is that when there is wind the thermal sensation drops a lot, but I have to tell you that it is not so much if you have good heating … heh, heh

Well I’m going to rest a little that in a few hours begins the journey to the peninsula …

Thank you for being there

Joy Sailors

My dream your dream I hope we can soon get together to dream together …


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