Everything is improving and we can navigate

Everything is improving, finally it seems that we are getting hold of the pandemic.

Joy Sailors!

It’s not going to be all suffering… Today is one of those days when sailing falls in love. We are scoring, with curly sea, soft girdle, with all weapons hanging, genoa, ratchet, between sticks, major and all my energy!

The Doubloon glides smoothly, it is very well supported on the port side .

It’s 6 in the morning, clean night, pleasant temperature, the moon is reflected in the Sea and reigns the sound of the boat cutting the waves, a pleasure …

The journey

We are 1175 miles from Valdivia, tomorrow we will be less than 1000 and that encourages the crew a lot.

I am very happy, almost reaching the equator of the 4th stage of this great trip that departed there in Seattle (a hug for Cristian Carrasco) Seattle – Cabo San Lucas – Mazatlan – Marquesas – Rapa-Nui – Valdivia. Without forgetting the walk that I have stuck through Tahiti, Bora bora, Morea etc.

An unforgettable journey, discovering places to show you and accompany you next year…

The situation improves

It seems that everything is improving, the borders of Chile and Argentina are opening and you no longer have an excuse to come…

There are some places left for Cape Horn Objective from November 10 to December 1.

Do not forget to visit with me the Ventisqueros, there are only places left for the expedition from December 15 to 22

and of course the great ANTARCTIC expeditions that are the spirit of Alegría Marineros.

January 10 to 31

February 8 to March 1 and we continue with many more next year

I don’t want to warm your head but… Life is one and of one…

If you really want to visit and live this part of the world, your time is now… It is not going to be that any other egg is given to invent another pandemic or some roll to lock us up again and that we dedicate ourselves to produce for them …

I’ll leave it there…

Well I pass the position

S 31.44.05

W 95.22.33

Heading 105

Speed 6.2

Temperature: Cool but very pleasant

Mood: Good to very good

Wind: 14 knots at 70 degrees from the bow

Well that, that JOY SAILORS!
That we stop rolling, let’s live and navigate, that life is 4 days and today is the third!


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