Joy sailors!
We have achieved it we are fishing in the Atlantic

Heading 220º – Winds F5 20 knots – Speed 8 knots with tips of 11!!
Position 33º 04,96′ N – 010º 48,74’W
Time 16:47h UTC

Joy Sailors …
We are celebrating… We have caught a wonderful tuna, we are freezing it and tomorrow we will taste it..
In addition to telling you that we are already 4000 friends in Alegría Marineros, also tell you that we are going to try to give cane and visibility to the youtube channel JOY SAILORS where we will download more complete videos of this great story (OUR DREAM, YOUR DREAM …). I think it’s a good title for this adventure. What do you think?
Thank you for being and for sharing to bring this life closer to others and show that it is possible to be reborn again…

By the way, could any charitable soul send us the weather report from this position to the south of Tenerife for the next 3 days? The program does not work for us to be able to download it from the boat with the satellite phone. Thank you so much!
Did I tell you that we are fishing in the Atlantic? he

The crew's impressions

Paula.- Today is the first day we feel the sea in the background. We go out with the sea like a plate and we are already increasing on the Douglas scale, from swell to strong swell. Borreguillos on the waves, the sailboat rocks us and the crew enjoys, and begins to feel a shy Canarian warmth … I elaborate more on my Facebook post: Beyond the seas

Hello sailors, I’m Higinio (captain Chicote) I return to greet you after the crossing of the Atlantic last June from this magnificent sailboat and now sailing again from Cadiz to Tenerife
What desire I had to return to sail with Paula and Pedro, as it is enjoyed, as it is learned and how we laugh
This time I accompany them in their first stage of their trip around the world, what an honor, That you know
Now we are sharing sailing with new friends from the voyage, Virginia, Manu, Rosa, Ramón and Gustavo and they are all magnificent companions. My companion of guards is Rosa with whom I laugh a lot especially when she sends me (I always at her command) go to the bathtub of maneuvers immediately to check course just when it starts to rain and sends me back just when it stops raining jajajajajjajaaja, I have a great time
Good to continue supporting with your comments and with your encouragement to these two super people who putting their dream into practice give us all the opportunity to navigate the world
Greetings from Copernicus Doubloon¡¡¡¡�
Captain Chicote says goodbye with great affection

Virginia also has something to tell us

Joy sailors!!!! I am Virginia and I am sharing a precious dream with Paula and Pedro aboard the Copernicus Doubloon with the rest of the crew. Right now we are in the middle of nowhere, I don’t know how many miles from the coast and enjoying everything that lies ahead. The weather here is curious, because it passes fast and slow at the same time making each hour special. I know for a fact that I will never forget this experience and that it will mark me forever, making me more aware of what is really important in this life. Thank you Paula and Pedro for letting me share it with you.
Family!!! A huge greeting from paradise. JOY SAILORS!!!!!

WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT YOU HAVE TO SUFFER? I am another dreamer but hopefully since I joined this trip almost in the last breath … and here I am at the Copernicus Doblon enjoying a piece of intense happiness. You always find a way to do what you like and Allende los Mares and Pedro Jimenez share this dream with all of us. making my dream come true. A hug to all.

Ramon is encouraged

Joy!!! I am Ramón, apprentice sailor, now I am on my way to the Canary Islands in the Copernicus, what a barcazo, and what a luxury of companions (especially the ham), a pleasure to sail with everyone and an authentic navigation school. I find it incredible that there are people as generous as Pedro and Paula, who share such a beautiful dream with all of us, I wish them a wonderful experience and I hope to repeat one day. A big hug, Ramon.

Hello hello, I’m Rosa, and I’m excited to know that I’m part of the first stage of the Copernicus Doubloon on its journey around the world Beyond the Seas. The crew is great and life on board is very fun, even when we have to stand guard and sleep little, I have had to do them with Captain Chicote (a great guy who has already made the crossing). What to say….. That I will never forget it. JOY SAILORS¡¡¡¡¡ And thank you for letting me share this dream. Greetings Rosa.

After a long time we are fishing in the Atlantic and that encourages a lot … Joy!!


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