Rumbo Rapa Nui by sailboat

I’m Pedro Jimenez and I take you to sail the world. Joy Sailors!!!

I don’t know what day is today in September, 2021 I think… he

You know that if there is any obstacle in the Sea to overcome, it will always be at night… We have already 2 atolls on our way and both at night…

The truth is that it is difficult to take the boat balanced with the sails and also change course. There are many factors that influence, the wind, the wave, the current, the helmsman, the angle of the 3 sails and the opinion of everyone who approaches, hehehe

Around with the wheel

Hernán and I have been trying to find the right trim to try not to touch the wheel

More than half and the truth is that neither of us are good with the wheel, we have both always preferred to trim the sails and we do not agree … We look like a couple who have been married for 25 years and they are always right, so I have come to write to you a little and I have to admit that if I do not warm his head he does it better, now it seems that the boat is going smoothly …

The navigator and reading

Today was a quiet day, I’m getting more and more relaxed. I finished reading another book, The Bridge of the Assassins… del Reverte, the truth is that I like the adventures of Alatriste, I have started another, The war in Antarctica that never happened … to see how it is, I have to thank Tatiana and Maria for filling me with books the tablet, they help me a lot to think and move to another place, with so much mess of boat purchases and repairs I had not read for a long time

For me, sailing is like doing spiritual exercises. I think it’s the only place where I go down the revolutions and I’m with myself, I think a lot and that ends up costing me dearly or looking for problems … he


The morning was spectacular, I had to see sunrise and then we were sailing with 25 knots of tightness and jumping for joy. Now the thing is quiet, there are 15 knots, the sea is calm and the sky is fine, starry and waiting for the crescent moon to rise to finish the masterpiece of the night …

I am happy, someone wrote to me, told me that he appreciated me, some encouragement is greatly appreciated in the solitude of the nomadic navigator, thank you you made my day …

The truth is that feeling loved or appreciated helps a lot…

I pass the position before I get romantic and you realize that I’m a little lazy heading to Rapa nui on a sailboat

S 18.40.90

W 139.14.62

Heading 139

Speed 5.5

Wind 14 knots

Gala sky

Good temperature

Crew mood, good


Joy sailors!!

To take you to Valdivia I think it is a great opportunity tourism and fin navigation

I do not need to tell you that life is one and one and that you do not have to wait for the next one to make and fulfill your dreams…

Don’t tell us… Let’s live it!


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