Life on board: The experience of living on a sailboat

Some of the best expeditions in the world take place on a sailboat. Usually, these expeditions are square by square, that is, you rent a place of the sailboat and share with the rest of the people the responsibilities of the same.

Living on a sailboat is one of the most rewarding experiences of the expedition itself. In addition to enjoying the trip itself, being able to share the tasks of the boat with other people makes the experience unforgettable.

Living a trip aboard a sailboat is very different from any other excursion you have made, for this reason, it is very important to know in advance what awaits you and how to prepare for it.

In this article we are going to describe much better what this opportunity means. Here you will discover what awaits you on board a sailboat and how you can better prepare for this type of trip.

Preparation before the trip

The first thing we recommend before you take the sailing trip is that you are very clear about the type of stay you are going to spend. In essence, it is a pleasure trip, but you must be clear that, during the trip, you will be responsible for certain tasks within the ship.

You probably have to do some guard during the night, you can take responsibility for the kitchen, carry out cleaning tasks … so it is very important that you are clear about this type of situation. Basically, it is a coexistence with other people who share your same tastes and who are looking for an experience like yours.

Teamwork is essential on a sailing trip. If you are looking for a trip where your attitude is more passive, this is probably not your trip.

To make the experience as satisfactory as possible and also be useful for the group, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with some of the basics of navigation. This will make your adaptation to the boat much easier and, in addition, it will help you know if you are really ready to carry out this type of adventure or not.

To carry out a sailing trip square to square you do not need to be a professional in any field. Beyond having a good physical condition, something that will help you have a better experience on board, it is very important to have a good attitude and be proactive with the rest of your colleagues.

Spaces and amenities on board

One of the best experiences of carrying out a trip square to square on a sailboat are the shared spaces. As if it were a small houseboat, in addition to the work you will share a bathroom, kitchen or rest room among other rooms.

In a sailboat square by square the cabins will have bunk beds or beds for several people, as if it were a camp, but at sea. Once again, teamwork will be essential so that everyone can count on the best comforts on board. Remember that not only will you be carrying out tasks for the well-being of others, but the rest of the crew will also be carrying them out thinking of you.

Coexistence and roles on board

One of the keys for an expedition on a sailboat to work square by square is to maintain a good coexistence. This coexistence is achieved by distributing the roles on board the sailboat.

These roles do not necessarily have to be closed roles, that is, they can vary as the days go by. In this way you will not always be in the kitchen or standing guard, but the situation will change so that the trip is also more enjoyable and more people can participate.

The roles for passengers on a sailboat square by square are very varied. As we have mentioned, one of the best known is that of kitchen assistant. You can help in the preparation of the food, keep the kitchen area clean by washing the dishes or cutting and peeling food for the cook to carry out his task.

It is important to note that these tasks aboard a sailboat are much more complicated. It is not the same to cut an onion on dry land than to do it in the middle of a wave, something of the most common when you carry out an expedition near Antarctica.

There will also be roles that will have to do with security. This role will help maintain a safe environment, for example, by being observant of any situation that may be dangerous. You can carry out a guard to monitor the icebergs, see that the navigation works well or that the sails are in good condition.

One of the most important physical roles is that of deck aide. In this role, under the orders of the captain, you can carry out different tasks such as adjusting moorings or ropes, hoisting or lowering sails or any other task related to the deck.

Finally, also highlight the role of entertainment and coexistence. This role contributes to creating a healthy and fun environment on board, something that may be necessary when many days of sailing in a row are carried out or bad weather has prevented the ship from reaching its destination.

Is a square-to-square trip for everyone?

If you are a person who likes teamwork, you are willing to help and you have a positive attitude, without a doubt you will enjoy the trip square to square. As we have said, it is not necessary to be an expert in anything, it will be enough to have the intention and willingness to help, to lend a hand when necessary.

Finally, you have to know that these roles that we have mentioned above do not replace at any time the responsibilities of the crew members. With this we want to tell you that the sailboats carry with them an experienced captain, responsible for navigation.

No matter how many different roles you can play on board, it is clear that there are different jobs that can only be carried out by qualified professionals, so your trip will always be as safe as possible. If you dare to try a different type of experience, you like to be with other people and enjoy helping others, you have to try a sailing trip square by square.


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