How nice it is to live an adventure, especially on a sailboat!

Today more than ever we have emerged from the thick mists of past centuries…

We have anchored in an estuary of the dreamed and imagined 500 or many more years ago, totally virgin a kind of pot surrounded by rocky mountains where 6 0 7 waterfalls fell everywhere, a magical, intriguing and somewhat dangerous place.

The anchoring is not easy, having 320 degrees around mountains is an ideal place for the williwaws or katabatic winds that blew us yesterday on several occasions. The bottom is mud and that makes the anchor end up slipping …

We anchored with two ropes aft one in the bow and the anchor, even so we woke up next to a waterfall stuck to a rock wall, we had no danger at any time.

Weather is adverse

We have already set sail, but not before the crew get up at 5:30 am to go for a walk, it is admirable to feel with the illusion and desire that they are living this, our adventure. I have not been able to go, I was very tired after getting up several times to watch the anchorage …

We continue sailing through the Fuegian channels, the weather outside is very threatening, with gusts of 50 knots or more. Here between the channels we have gusts of up to 40 knots, we have just had one of 52 knots and we must congratulate this boat, how sure it feels with so much wind (stern and with little wave). We will try to go outside to live the war of the Pacific … I imagine we’ll turn around right away…

An amazing crew

It can be said that after these almost 2 months that we have been together, we are a team, while some take out the anchorage, others go up and secure the chinchorro, others prepare breakfast and others put order for the navigation, I’m going to miss you a lot… The spirit of Alegría Marineros is precisely to share with you, both live and on the networks, the passion for adventure, the sea and teamwork. If it were not so, I would stop fighting for this, our dream. Therefore, as Dumas said, “When your friend’s hand starts to heat up you have to let go.” It’s a bit sad to have this nomadic life in that aspect but very rewarding when you start living a new adventure or expedition…

Heh, heh, heh, I write it and I get a smile “new adventure“, what vice I have … I am incorrigible, I think I will never mature… Life as a child is the happiest, don’t you remember? That is the part of life that I have enjoyed the most, at least I and I do not want to give up to stop feeling that bug inside, only comparable to the state in which you are when you are falling in love with someone, however heartbreak happens and hurts but if you want to be a child and never let them take away that illusion never hurts and you live in a state of illusion and constant happiness …

What a badge I’m sticking to you today… he,he,heh

Well I pass the position of that special place so that when you come here you can live it or if you come with me I can take you.

The position

S 54.32.62

W 71.54.47

If you feel like it you look for it and you will see

Now we are sailing towards Cook Bay which is the entrance to the

arms of the Beagle Channel…

I say goodbye for today, I will have to leave something for another day …

Joy Sailors

We have to keep dreaming and at least give ourselves permission to feel free again and take out that part of adventurers and explorers that we all carry inside…

Don’t tell us!!!

Let’s live it!!!


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