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Meteorology in the Drake Passage

Meteorology in Drake's Passage back from Antarctica

Joy Sailors!!

We sail towards the eye of low pressure jumping with joy and devotion… How the landscape changed, going from having incredible visibility with a clean environment to navigating through thick mists with waves of considerable size…

The boat behaves well and we are already marinated, in a few hours we will change course, just as we enter the calm winds of the eye or center of the low. We are now heading 300, we are in the length of Cook Bay about 120 miles west of the island of Horn in the middle of the Sea of Sickles.

Meteorology in the Drake Passage

This is the first time I go to the center of a storm as a strategy, at the moment it looks good, I only worry about the waves because in a short space, about 30 miles in diameter, the sea receives wind from 4 quadrants and will need time, I calculate that a tide about 6 hours to reorder, This is going to happen in about 3 or 4 hours…

It should be noted that Lucas Hernadez, our captain, when I am not here was the first to realize this strategy. It is very, very good to have crew like him on board, he knows the boat, he stays calm, he behaves very well, the same must be said of Paula Cavicchia and Paula Gonzalvo, they are a great team and never better said with them I go to the end of the world … heh, heh. And I’m coming back…

The Ugly Day

Today is Tuesday the 13th, this day I do not like at all, I will be attentive until the day is over… Although bad luck is only if you set sail that day, for me this day would have to disappear from the calendar…

The Antarctic Toll

After the tack that we will do in a few hours, there will be 300 miles left to enter the Beagle, it will be just under 2 days and we will already be.

Antarctica is wonderful, much more than you could imagine, but this is the toll and what gives the value to the expeditionaries to get to this part of the world that seems from another planet …

If you really have something inside you that wakes up when you think about visiting it, this is your time, come in January or February, apparently there are very few places left for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Joy Sailors!!

Become part of this, our dream!


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