Sailing between icebergs under a heavy snowfall in Antarctica

Joy Sailors!!

What a beautiful navigation today!! We sailed from Cover bill to Paradise Bay, about 25 miles full of icebergs, snowing and with poor visibility. The navigation should have lasted 4 hours and lasted more than 8, it was beautiful, dodging ice and as I told you with very little visibility, about 300 meters, the sea calm, the snowflakes were curdling on the water, you have to know that the sea water here is at 0 degrees and the fresh water when falling in the form of snow. It turns to ice throughout the afternoon, even now that it no longer snows there is a plate of a few millimeters of ice on the sea, all this between ice debris and icebergs of all sizes, some like football fields. There were times when I had to choose which ice to hit because there was no way to avoid them, we have been more than 3 hours sailing at 2 knots, it was beautiful, sailing slowly with the sea still, under a thick snowfall, without wind, seeing some seals, even some whale (not many) as you went. It’s simply unforgettable…

La Base Brown

The end we arrived at the Brown base in paradise bay, this year it is uninhabited and we visited it again, it is inside a penguin colony, we saw an albino penguin and some newborn penguins.

Did you know that penguin eggs are cared for for 3 months by males? They are only responsible for preventing them from freezing, they cannot touch the ground… And the mother leaves 3 months to feed, then returns, finds the father and meets her newborn son. This is incredible, here nature is already too hard to also make the fauna, pass those hardships … This alone It makes me think that humans are lazy… And we don’t stop complaining and getting weaker and weaker…

A small trekking in Antarctica

We also climbed a mountain, it was not very high, but with the big snowfall, it became a bit hard. The descent was spectacular, to pure multiple croquette, it was a lot of fun!

The atmosphere is very good, we are increasingly comfortable, the weather and the beauty of the area helps to be very good.

Tomorrow will be another day, we will sail to Peterman (my village)

I leave you that I’m very busy …

Do not forget that life is one and one…

And that we must give life Joy … seamen


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