Sailing around Antarctica on a sailboat, a dream

Joy Sailors!!

This place is very, very beautiful, a very wide bay full of icebergs of a very considerable size. This morning we were attacked by one of about 4 stories high and we had to change the

Anchoring to let him pass, this is not too dangerous if you do not have land downwind of the iceberg, heh heh.

I’m running down to land and looking for whales, this morning we saw one eating about 50 meters from the boat, this is impressive …

Then I keep writing…

We continue with the diary...

We have a beautiful day to sail in Antarctica, I think I fall short, I do not have an adequate expression to what we are living, maybe in another language there is …

Yesterday we spent the day in Carlota Bay, for me it is the most magical place we have visited so far, it has a special energy, full of icebergs, whales, seals, birds and a very special light.

Antarctica has given us 2 days of peace and light, the crew was charged with energy, yesterday we saw several whales eating krill and the group of freediving divers were able to try the dry suits.

We have 30 miles to Cubervill where one of the largest penguin colonies in the area is, there is also the tiger seal, we are looking forward to enjoying this new island. For me it is also new and everything new fills me with life.

We have been reviewing the information we have for anchoring tonight, we will have a bit of wind and it is paramount to get a good shelter soon and not leave it for the last moment.

Anchor issues

This morning we had problems lifting the anchorage and for a while I thought we would have to leave the anchor and about 75 meters of chain in Bahía Carlota. I was even thinking of leaving it marked with a buoy so that the other boats could use it as anchoring, but thanks to luck and seafaring expertise, we managed to drop anchor and recover it. This can happen anywhere in the world, the boat when embroidered and long a lot of chain or cable can hook under a crack and not free. Getting away from this situation is a mixture of luck and tact with the pinwheel, if you force a lot, you break something and if you do not fight you do not get it, I think those who know me know that I am one of those who fight … Going down to drop anchor is not an option because the water is a couple of degrees below zero and anchorages here are usually at high depths. This time it was 35 meters deep, impossible to go down, as it was not released we decided to give ourselves a period of time and if we did not get it, we would have to leave it and leave the area, the term was 3 hours, it took 45 minutes. What you have to do in these cases is to extend more cable or chain and move the boat in different directions trying to recover little by little without forcing much. As luck exists, in the end you find it… they are things that happen even when you come to sail in Antarctica.

A very favorable climate

We are having luck with the weather and although the bad weather is on our heels we are changing anchoring according to the weather, heh, heh, thank goodness we have the possibility of seeing the weather, we always play with advantage …

The crew is happy, stopping and resting in Charlotte Bay was a great idea. The truth is that they needed it, so did I. Yesterday I took a walk around the continent and I could even meditate, I have to say that I am having one of the happiest moments I remember. I am full of strength and enthusiasm inside, I would never want to stop being like this, but I know that it will not always be like this, although as I told you before, I am a fighter and I will fight for it … heh, heh

We are not yet looking at the weather for the return, at the moment we are day by day dedicated to Navigating Antarctica And when the time approaches, which will be from the 24th, we will make the decisions, now to enjoy this paradise that I would really like you all to feel, even once in a lifetime. By the way the day after tomorrow maybe we will go to Paradise Bay, what a coincidence, heh, heh

Joy Sailors ¡¡¡

This life is wonderful, I want to thank all those who have me and are supporting me to continue realizing dreams and allow me to be who I am, a dream realizer … As Jaime said… I could list you all, but you know who you are, from Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Mexico, from all these countries I have received support and help to continue sailing the world.

My family and close friends, I can never forget your support and sacrifice so that I can fly free as a dreamer… Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joy Sailors ¡¡¡
My dream, your dream, let’s live it together.

Reminder, notice to navigators:

On April 1 we sail from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, 10 days, this expedition is incredibly beautiful, Snowdrifts, waterfalls, mountains, forests, dream anchorages and pure and living nature, perfect for a photographic safari … You have to sign up now!

On April 11 we will sail from Punta Arenas to Valdivia. This expedition is about 25 days, we will sail through the Fueguinos and Aysén channels, we will visit several snowdrifts and glaciers, it is also ideal for a photographic safari. We will also accompany Nicholas to grab his new boat, the Farway, a beautiful 45-foot wooden kecht with which we will sail canned to Valdivia, passing through Chiloé, Chacao channel, Puerto Mont, Puerto Aguirre, Puerto Edén. This is the best expedition to know and feel this area of the world…

I just took the quota to the networks and I do not want you to miss it …

I don’t want to remind you that life is one and one’s… and that it is very good to be told… But living it is much better!!


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